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If you want to improve results from your marketing, you need to look at your offer. Consumers aren’t stupid – they can see through lukewarm offers. A halfhearted offer will be a turn off, rather than a turn on.; Sure, we all know that the offer is just one leg of the direct marketing stool of success. Mailing list, creative and timing are all important to consider….but the offer is what will make someone pick up the phone, click onto your shopping cart or fill out a BRC.; Take a good look at your campaign and your audience to figure out the perfect offer. Then,; 1. Build your offer.
2. Make it easy to understand
3. Provide an easy way to act on the offer.; Your offer is a contract with the consumer. Make sure to dot your “I”s and cross your “t”s.; Dataman Group can get you the best mailing list in the world, but if you use a weak offer, you’ll get a weak response.