Thank you for another amazing year at ICCFA University!

We’ll see ‘U’ next year!

What is ICCFA University?

ICCFA University is held for five days each July. Undergraduate students enroll in one of the University’s seven colleges and spend the entire five days learning about that area of the profession. Students who complete four colleges become ICCFAU graduates (the CEO program does not count towards graduation), but attending four years is not required for enrollment. Some students enroll for one or two years, attending just those colleges that are most relevant to their jobs. But many students do choose to go on to study for four years or more as a way of broadening the scope of their knowledge.


ICCFA University currently has seven colleges for attendees to enroll in. Each is overseen by their respective Dean, an expert in the area of deathcare that the college focuses on. In many of the colleges, our Deans are joined by outside professors who provide individual expertise in the college.

The current colleges are:


  • College of Technology (All new for 2022!)  | Dean Nick Timpe
  • J. Asher Neel College of Sales and Marketing | Dean Gary O’Sullivan, CCFE
  • College of 21st Century Services | Dean Glenda Stansbury
  • College of Cremation Services | Dean Jim Starks, CFuE, CCrE
  • College of Funeral Home Management | Dean Todd Van Beck, CFuE
  • College of Hospitality & Customer Experience | Dean John Bolton, CCE, CCrE, CSE, CXE
  • College of Land Management & Grounds Operations | Dean Gino Merendino
  • College of Leadership, Management & Administration | Dean Gary Freytag, CCFE

ICCFA University 2021 Photos


Every year, the ICCFA Educational Foundation offers scholarships to attend ICCFA University. This generosity allows the ICCFA to provide the incredible educational experience of ICCFAU for free! The application process for ICCFA University 2022 is not currently open. Applicants must be ICCFA members in good standing and employed in the cemetery, cremation and funeral profession for a minimum of two years.