ICCFA Officers

Gary Freytag, CCFE


Spring Grove Cemetery and Arboretum
Cincinnati, Ohio

Robbie L. Pape


Carriage Services
Houston, Texas

Mitch Rose, CCFE, CCrE

Vice President, Internal Affairs

Oahu Cemetery & Crematory
Honolulu, Hawaii

Shawna De La Cruz

Vice President, Membership & Marketing

Forest Lawn Memorial-Parks & Mortuaries
Glendale, California

N. Lee Longino

Vice President, External Affairs

Service Corporation International
Houston, Texas

John Bolton, CCE, CCrE, CSE CXE

Vice President, Education

Park Lawn Corporation

Christopher Keller


Life Remembrance & CPRA Studios
Littleton, Colorado

Stacy Adams


NorthStar Memorial Group

Executive Committee

Gary Freytag, CCFE
ICCFA President
Spring Grove Cemetery & Arboretum

Jay Dodds, CFSP
ICCFA Immediate Past President
Park Lawn Corporation

Robbie Pape
ICCFA President-elect
Carriage Services

Darin Drabing
President’s Appointment
Forest Lawn Memorial-Parks & Mortuaries

Frederick Lappin, CCE
Past President’s Appointment
Knollwood Cemetery Corp

Board of Directors

Stacy Adams
Memorial Park Funeral Home and Cemetery

Matthew Bailey
B C Bailey Funeral Home Inc.

Stephen Bassett
Elmwood Memorial Park & Funeral Home

Daniel Bryan
Fort Myers Memorial Gardens Funeral Home & Cemetery

Shawna de la Cruz
Forest Lawn Memorial-Parks & Mortuaries

Clift Dempsey, CCFE
Leaf Cremation

Jay Dodds, CFSP
Park Lawn Corporation

Buddy Ewing
Carriage Services

Robert Gordon Jr., CCE
Cypress Lawn

Caressa Hughes
Service Corporation International

Sam James
James Funeral Home & Northlake Memorial Gardens

Elisa Krcilek
Mountain View Funeral Home & Cemetery

Fred Lappin, CCE
Knollwood Cemetery Corp

Andy Lopez
Fidelity Memorial Group

Gino Merendino
Merendino Cemetery Care

Jennifer Olvera, CCE
Green Hills Memorial Park

Sean O’Regan
Woodland Cemetery and Arboretum

Nectar Ramirez
Forest Lawn Memorial-Parks & Mortuaries

Amy Shimp
Dulaney Valley Memorial Gardens

David Shipper
Futura Group

Micah Singerman
Shalom Memorial Park & Shalom Memorial Funeral Home

Jan Smith, CFSP
Flanner Buchanan Funeral Centers

Philip Tassi, CPA
Ferncliff Cemetery Association

Nick Timpe, CSE

Christie Toson, CCE
The Tribute Companies Inc.

Phil Zehms
Terrace Park Cemetery & Funeral Home

Special Appointments

Lauren Blevins
Williams Funeral Homes & Crematory
Ex-Officio Pet Loss Professionals Alliance representative to serve a three-year term on the Board

Deanna Wilkinson
Express Funeral Funding
IMSA appointment to serve a one-year term on the Board

Darin Drabing
Forest Lawn Memorial – Parks & Mortuaries
Past President elected to serve a one-year term on the Board

Jeff Kidwiler, CCE, CSE
Blackstone Cemetery Development
Past President elected to serve a one-year term on the Board

James D. Price, CCFE, CCRE
Park Lawn Corporation
Educational Foundation President

Andrés Aguilar
Los Parques, SA
ALPAR Representative

ICCFA Committee Chairs

Finance Committee
Christopher Keller
CPRA Studio, LLC

Government & Legal Committee
Keenan Knopke, CCFE
Curlew Hills Memory Gardens Inc.

Christine Toson, CCE
The Tribute Companies Inc.

Cemetery Consumer Service Council
Thomas Daly, CCE
CHS Consulting Group/Cemetery Helpful Solutions

Certification Committee
Jeff Kidwiler, CCE CSE
Blackstone Cemetery Development

Disaster Management
Mathew Forastiere
Park Lawn Corporation

Editorial Advisory Committee
Elisa Krcilek
Mountain View Funeral Home & Cemetery

ICCFA Educational Foundation Board of Trustees
Jim Price, CCFE CCrE
Park Lawn Corporation

Hall of Fame Committee
Jay Dodds, CFSP
Park Lawn Corporation

Ed Rusnak
Beth Israel Memorial Chapel – Delray Beach

Membership Committee
Kevin Gaffney
Funeral Directors Life Insurance Company

Nominating Committee
Jay Dodds, CFSP
Park Lawn Corporation

Personalization Committee
Robert Gordon, Jr., CCE
Cypress Lawn

Lauren Blevins, CCFE CPLP
Williams Funeral Homes & Crematory

Sales & Marketing Committee
John Bolton, CCE CCrE CSE CXE
Park Lawn Corporation

Strategic Planning Committee
Gary Freytag, CCFE
Spring Grove Cemetery & Arboretum

Veterans Committee
Andy Lopez
Fidelity Memorial Group

Gino Merendino
Merendino Cemetery Care

Women In Leadership Committee
Jennifer Olvera, CCE
Green Hills Memorial Park

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Past Presidents

2019–21: Jay Dodds, CFSP
Christine Toson, CCE
Scott Sells, CCFE*
2016-17: Michael Uselton, CCFE
2015-16: Darin Drabing
2014-15: I. Frederick Lappin, CCE
2013-14: Nancy R. Lohman, CCFE
2012-13: Jeff Kidwiler, CCE, CSE
2011-12: Kenneth E. Varner, CCFE
2010-11: Kevin R. Daniels, CCE
2009-10: Gregg M. Williamson, CCE
2008-09: Mark J. Krause, CFuE
2007-08: Paul M. Elvig*
2006-07: Thomas G. Roberts, CCE
2005-06: Ray Frew, CCFE
2004-05: Patrick R. Downey, CCE
2003-04: Carol E. Llewellyn
2002-03: William L. Wright, CCE
2001-02: Gregory J. Easley, CCE
2000-01: David J. Shipper
1999-2000: Richard T. Sells, CCE
1998-99: Brian J. Marlowe, CCE
1996-98: Irwin W. Shipper, CCE*
1995-96: Donald H. Eiesland, CCE
1994-95: Frederick W. Miller, CCE, CSE
1993-94: Arlie T. Davenport, Jr.
1992-93: Edward C. Laux, CCE
1991-92: J. Asher Neel, CCE*
1990-91: Timothy F. Brammer, CCE
1989-90: Andrew J. Conroy III
1988-89: Robert A. Gordon, Sr., CCFE, CCrE, CSE
1987-88: John F. Llewellyn, CCE*
1986-87: B. David Daly, CCFE*
1985-86: Thomas J. Gardner, Sr., CCE
1984-85: Hugh Keatley, CCE*
Kermit Johnson ****
1983-84: Gordon R. Ewig, CCE
1982-83: Daniel E. Reed, CCE*
1981-82: Robert Goodwin*
1980-81: Charles (Shack) H. Shackelford*
Jack J. Brammer*** †
1980: James E. Watkins, Jr.*
1979-80: Herschel Auerbach* †
1979: James Kyle*
1978-79: Harry (Hap) D. Bledsoe, CCE †*
1978: Robert W. Toson*
1977-78: Robert (Ted) T. Nuckolls, CCE †
1977: Duncan W. Munro, CCE*
1976-77: John T. Bailey, CCE*
1976: George Hones*
1975-76: James E. Phelps* †
1975: Robert G. Garrison, CCE*
1974-75: Kenneth R. White, Jr. †
1974: Charles F. Sharp*
1973-74: John D. Neel, CCE* †
1973: Alvin C. Meyer*

1972-73: Robert G. Neel, CCFE †
1972: Barthol W. Pearce*
1971-72: Charles B. Locke, CCE †
1971: Clayton O. Braatz*
1970-71: Charles W. Mobley, Sr. †
1970: Ned R. Thomas*
1969-70: Joe B. Cockrill* †
1969: Alvin E. Melton, CCE*
1968-69: Frank L. Karnes, Jr., CCE †
1968: Fred B. Mohle*
1967-68: Samuel B. Saxton, CCE †
1967: Howard T. Wood*
1966-67: Robert L. Hagenbach* †
1966: S. Clyde Gordon*
1965-66: George W. Oberg*
1965: Lynn S. Richards*
1964-65: R. Lee McNitt, Jr* †
1964: Alton R. Fisher*
1963-64: Taylor M. Simpson* †
1963: Herbert C. Philpott*
1962-63: Paul G. Bryan* †
1962: Harry W. Mueller, Jr.*
1961-62: Robert K. Donaldson* †
1961: Russell J. Zesch*
1960-61: John M. Ellis, Jr.* †
1960: Howard F. Clark*
1959-60: F. W. Eubank* †
1959: Edwin R. Gruettner*
1958-59: Paul D. Dawkins* †
1958: Paul W. Anderson*
1957-58: Harold E. Toson* †
L. O. Minear** †
1957: Orrin J. Perrott*
1956-57: Frederick Llewellyn* †
1956: George S. Youden*
1955-56: Kenneth R. White, Sr.* †
1955: Stacy C. Leech*
1954-55: John D. Gregg* †
1954: Linus P. Hayes*
1953-54: James E. Watkins, Sr.* †
1953: Harley D. Riggs*
1952-53: Raymond L. Groves* †
1952: Richard Allison*
1951-52: W. C. Rasberry, Sr., CCE* †
1951: Barrett Adams*
1950-51: A. M. Stannard* †
1950: Herbert W. Gausewitz*
1949-50: W. M. (Bill) Boyd* †
1949: Ira J. Mitchell*
1948-49: Leonard L. Cowan* †
1948: Fred H. Benner*
1947-48: Carl K. Linge* †
1947: Numa V. Bertel*
1946-47: Roy M. Haley* †
1946: Edward N. Sloan*
1945-46: Roy Hatten* †
1945: William A. McLeran*
1944-45: Howard T. Ott* †

1944: Cass J. Todt*
1943-44: H. L. Luckenbach* †
1943: John C. Plumb*1942-43: R. D. Rosenberger* †
1942: Leroy Christie*
1941-42: George Young* †
1941: Oscar F. Burbank*
1940-41: C. J. Sanger* †
1940: Wiley L. Morgan*
1939: Paul Daggett*
1938-39; 1939-40: J. F. Eubank* †
1938: Crawford T. Perkinson*
1937-38: C. S. Harley* †
1937: Raymond E. Siebert*
1936: S. J. Perrott*
1935-36; 1936-37: E. M. McBride* †
1935: Walter Puckett*
1934-35: W. L. Halberstadt* †
1934: Peter L. Scholl*
1933: James M. Driscoll*
1932: William H. Foord*
1931: William J. Bailey*
1930: Arthur S. Tupper*
1929: C. P. Scott*
1928: Edward A. Merriam*
1927: William D. Currie*
1926: Arthur J. Floyd*
1925: Bellett Lawson II*
1924: J. A. Reed*
1923: George E. Troup*
1922: W. S. Pirie*
1921: Fred H. Rutherford*
1920: Henry S. Adams*
1919: William H. Atkinson*
1918: W. N. Rudd*
1917: Dr. R. N. Kesterson*
1916: James Warren, Jr.*
1915: Thomas Wallis*
1914: M. P. Brazill*
1913: H. M. Turner*
1912: John J. Stephens*
1911: William C. Grassau*
1910: John Reid*
1909: James Currie*
1908: Fred R. Diering*
1907: J. C. Cline*
1906: Edward G. Carter*
1905: J. H. Morton*
1904: John C. Dix*
1903: H. Wilson Ross*
1902: Frank Eurich*
1901: George M. Painter*
1900: William Stone*
1899: A. W. Hobert*
1897-98: George W. Creesy*
1895-96: O. C. Simonds*
1893-94: William Salway*
1891-92: John D. Barker*
1887-90: Charles Nichols*


**Elected President by action of the Board of Directors and resigned on October 8, 1957.

***Deceased (Because of his untimely death two days prior to taking office, was recognized and recorded as a past president of the National Association of Cemeteries by a resolution unanimously adopted by the NAC Board of Directors on October 27, 1980.)

****Deceased (Recognized and recorded as a past president of the American Cemetery Association by a resolution unanimously adopted by the ACA Board of Directors on October 30, 1984.)

† Past Presidents of the National Association of Cemeteries prior to the merger with the American Cemetery Association.