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I had a great Mail Moment the other day. I got a direct mail from an advertising specialties company that had my last name “Filhaber” direct printed on a golf shirt so it looked like it was already embroidered.; I was so excited about this mailer that I showed it to everyone in my office. To me, this 6” x 9” postcard hit all the high notes: it was unique, it was personalized, and it directed me to a website for easy on-line ordering. In fact, I actually ordered a shirt for my husband…so he now has a golf shirt that says Ed Filhaber, instead of Dataman Group.; Let’s face it, while direct mail marketing has been around for a long time, updating it to partner with new technology can make a huge difference in ROI.; So, where to start? Marketers need to begin with the basic direct mail best practices that have proven successful for years. We call them best practices because they work and Marketers who follow these simple guidelines will keep their direct mail costs down and increase their ROI.; Since many people now spend more time on their mobile devices, Marketers need to focus their direct mail to catch people on the go. In this day and age, we can empower our direct mail with technology to drive response.; Marketers whose direct mail utilizes the latest technology, let the recipient into the driver’s seat of the marketing experience. Recipients can pick and choose the information they are interested in at that moment. By incorporating mobile marketing into a direct mail campaign, marketers give their prospects an easy gateway to find online information via their cell phone.; These are some of the newest trends in mobile marketing:; By adding these instant response methods, marketers increase the opportunity to catch someone in the moment as a hot lead, if not a sale. Exact Target says that direct mail influences 76 percent of internet users to buy a product or service online, so marketers need to make sure they are driving that online engagement with their direct mail campaigns.