Recently, a friend that I’ve known since our kindergarten days (at least 30 years now 🙂 asked me quite seriously what he can do to keep his sanity in a world gone crazy. I think he was referring to the growing violence, overreaching by our government, and a host of other challenges that confront us every day. My friend’s question got me thinking so here is a list I created with suggestions for coping in this brave new world that we call the 21st century.; How To Stay Sane in A World Gone Mad:; 1. When you arise in the morning, do not turn on radio/TV news. Listen to music if you must or better yet, listen to your thoughts. The quiet of early morning is the best time of the day to hear yourself think. Don’t ruin it by adding media talking heads. Same goes for your commute to/from work.; 2. Understand that law enforcement does not exist to protect you. It exists to enforce the laws of government and “protecting individuals” has never been one of those priorities.; 3. Understand that politicians of all parties are devoted to their re-election as their first priority. Every issue they confront, including a request for help from you, is examined under the microscope of “how will this affect my re-election?” Realize this and the actions/inactions of politicians will cease to baffle you.; 4. Be a miser with the amount of time you “spend” watching news or public events discussions. All news stations spin about a half dozen stories endlessly and you can absorb all that information in 15 minutes or less. After that, all is repetition. When a “News Alert” is something they just told you ten minutes earlier, then you know it’s time to turn off TV and do something useful.; 5. Avoid like the plague getting involved in political discussions/arguments. Has anybody ever persuaded you to change your mind? Have you ever persuaded anybody to change their mind? Remember the definition of insanity: doing the same thing repeatedly but expecting different results.; 6. Walking is God’s gift to humanity. Go for a “power walk” every day and invest in a treadmill for those times when the weather discourages walking. You will always feel better for making the effort. The only exercise some people get is raising presumptions and jumping to conclusions.; 7. Do something creative, i.e., make something. You don’t need to paint or play a musical instrument. Write down something if only for your own amusement. Is something bothering you? Write about it, it’s a great way to expel the demon.; 8. Avoid people, even in your own family, who create stress for you. Not so easy if you’re parenting – teenagers are the most obnoxious people in the world – but if you can select who you spend time with, ditch the know-it-alls and the loudmouths.; 9. Understand that you can’t save the world, even with the help of your friends. Why? Because the world doesn’t want to be saved.; 10. Realize that the human lifespan is very brief, especially if you measure it by the productive years. Nations and governments don’t do great things but individuals do. Do something to make the world a slightly better place for you having lived in it. Achieving THAT goal should worry you.