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What happens when your phone rings too many times? A ringing phone tells your caller: “There is no one there. They are closed”. When someone calls your funeral home, they want their call answered quickly and professionally, showing the importance of every call. When this doesn’t occur, your caller feels forced to turn to the next available Funeral Home. Is this a risk you are willing to take?; The successful funeral home owner insists that their phone is answered within 3 rings. This indicates to your caller that you are serious about your business, assuring them that their concerns will be taken care of in a timely fashion. With FuneralCall, there is always a friendly, welcoming receptionist ready to listen and connect with the caller. This tells the caller “Only one call matters right now and that call is yours”. How can you ensure your phone is always answered in a professional manner within the first 3 rings when you have other families to serve and there is always a mountain of paperwork to complete?; Consider your options.; Using an answering service will help you achieve this goal. FuneralCall is staffed to answer your phone with a real person. There is no rush when answering the phone; your callers will never hear: “Thank you for calling Jones Funeral Home. Can you hold?” and never get another word in before being placed on hold. We maintain a 98% average of answering on the very first ring.; Using an answering service all the time is not your only option. Your phone company offers a great feature called “Call Forward No Answer”. Your phones can ring at your funeral home first. If there is no answer after a predetermined amount of rings, the phone will ring to your answering service. This allows you the opportunity to answer the phone first if you are able to but ensures no matter what, the phone will be answered in a timely manner and your caller will be taken care of.; FuneralCall can ensure that your families are taken care of by providing you with a recording of every call. This allows you to listen to the entire conversation from start to finish. You will also be provided with a “Call Detail” report that shows you exactly how many times the phone rang before it was answered.; Every FuneralCall client is in the funeral profession. Our staff not only understands funeral lingo, but the importance of each death call to you and your staff. We also understand what it is like to be a family member asking for help when someone passes.; To earn your trust and confidence, and to prove that your business – and your tradition of providing caring service – will be in good hands, we invite you to try our services for free. We are confident that if you have the chance to “put us to the test”, you will be convinced of both our quality and value.; It’s so easy to get started on the free trial – and there is no obligation or fine print! You don’t even need to cancel your current service if you are using one. In fact, we welcome the opportunity for you to compare it with ours. Over the course of the trial, we will answer your calls and create a plan to meet your requirements. When the trial period is over, we will estimate your future billing and welcome you to our service.; There’s never been a better time to try our services!; Please use our contact form to get started.