It’s 2017. Do you know where your families are?; What will your business look like in 2017? There’s no way to be sure, of course, because so many uncertainties could come into play: market preferences, new death care players, government regulation, economic conditions and on and on.; So how do you go about planning for the future?; Strategic planning expert John Austin, Ph.D., offers a solution: scenario-based planning. Develop four potential scenarios and plan for each of them. None of the four is likely to develop in its entirety, but if you prepare for the extremes of all four, your company will be positioned to succeed within those extremes.; At the ICCFA Fall Management Conference in October, Austin will:; Don’t miss this one-of-a-kind opportunity to ensure the future success of your business. Register now for the ICCFA Fall Management Conference, October 27-30 at the Camelback Inn and Resort in Scottsdale, Arizona.; For a complete program and to register, visit