In keeping with the rigors of our busy year, ICCFA was well-represented at the Arizona Cemetery, Cremation and Funeral Association (ACCFA) Annual Convention last week in Scottsdale, Arizona.; This time up: President Gregg Williamson and Director of Cremation Services Julie Burn were our ambassadors to this great state organization (which I hear is in the process of a merger with the Arizona Funeral Directors Association).; Thanks to the ACCFA for the warm welcome.; Bill Addison thanks Gary Brown for his service as ACCFA President. The plaque (provided by Matthews International) was given to Gary in appreciation for his role as president of the association. Gary has agreed to continue as acting president while the merger with the Arizona Funeral Directors Association is worked out.; ICCFA President Gregg Williamson and ICCFA Director of Cremation Services Julie Burn at the ICCFA Booth during the ACCFA 2009 Annual Convention.; Julie reported the ACCFA had a fantastic Convention, which is no surprise as it’s one of the state organizations with stellar leadership.; Looking ahead, Julie (along with our VP of Membership Nancy Lohman and Allied Industry Chair Allen Dave) is in Texas for the Texas FDA Convention this week. Next week Linda and I will be at the Virginia FDA Convention in Roanoke and the following week at the Kentucky FDA Convention in Louisville. In July Bob Fells will be at the Florida combined meeting of the FCFCA and FFDA in Naples, Florida. In August Allen will be at NFDMA in Detroit. That is just skimming the surface because there are quite a few more before the “Convention season” is over for 2009. In fact, if there are any industry Conventions or Conferences ICCFA is not already scheduled to be at it is solely because we haven’t managed to set it up yet or because it is logistically impossible. Getting out in public more has been a wonderfully rewarding experience we plan to build on going forward.; Nothing beats meeting people in person when it comes to learning about what is really going on in our profession.