Exhibiting at the Ohio Funeral Directors Association 129th Convention has been a great time, because the people have been fantastic and there are just so darn many of them here. Traffic at our booth today was fantastic – we gave away hundreds of pieces of literature and are going to run out of much of it.; It has also been rewarding to be at a trade show and actually have time to talk with attendees and exhibitors. Typically, at the ICCFA shows, if I even get a change to look at you it would be considered meaningful social interaction between us. Here, it’s absolutely heavenly to be able to converse at length without having to be somewhere in 45 seconds.; As a side note, my wife Linda and I were talking about how running a Convention and attending a Convention are so utterly different.; I noted: “Running a Convention is more like washing a boat than it is like attending a Convention.”; She responded: “And attending a Convention is more like riding on a boat, than it is like running a Convention.”; Among the many great people we’ve gotten to hang out with are OFDA Secretary (actually Treasurer by the time you read this) John Evans (l), here with Lincoln Heritage guys Chuck and Joe (will get last names tomorrow – sorry, I should be more observant of the people in the booth next to ours!); Wilbert had a “Harley” themed booth with the obligatory biker chicks as decor.; Official Friends of ICCFA (l – r): Poul Lemasters, Larry Stuart, Mark Pennington; I just met Richard Steele of Eckels, and he told me that our show last month in Vegas was as good a Convention as he has ever attended in his life, and that he would be buying double the booth space at our Convention next year in San Antonio. That, my friends, is how you get your photograph on the front page of Joe’s blog.; Here’s the lovely Linda at the ICCFA Booth, from whence we gave away piles of paper and handfuls of chocolate. Judging by how much we have left I estimate we got to make contact with over 220 people so far. Tomorrow the attendee traffic is supposed to be slower so we will have a few hours to spend visiting with all the other exhibitors.; All I can say is – GREAT JOB OFDA. You guys really know how to put on a Convention, and your attendees really do take advantage of the opportunity to visit the booths.