Well it turns out “blogging the Convention” is a likelihood on a par with “blogging a swim across the English Channel” because the experience is on the arduous side and the Internet access is problematic.; Just the walk from the Hotel portion of Mandalay Bay to the Convention portion is enough to obliviate one’s language ability for several hours. And, unfortunately, the only place you can get on the Internet is at the Hotel. For those of us working the Convention, you leave your room between 6-7 am, and do not return until after 7 at night at the earliest, and when you do you are more likely to submerge yourself in a hot bath or large tub of single malt than to sit at a keyboard.; Because of the social functions we have not made it back to the room before 9:30 pm any night. I have captured some great video, but in trying to edit and encode for the Web site I have tended to simply fall asleep.; But I can say the Convention is a huge success numbers wise. We have set records for attendance, booths, revenue, and everything that is good and holy. Numerous people have remarked “ICCFA just took the next big step.” Pretty cool thing.; I’ll try to do a little more with the video, but likely will just end up asleep on this desk. One more day to go.