I’m always happy to help the ICCFA, but those of you who know me are probably not surprised that when they asked me to write a blog I told them I don’t know what a blog is. Is it anything like a “Blob,” I wondered?; I know what a “Blob” is because I saw the horror movie when I was 8 years old and it scared the bajeesus out of me. I remember walking home by myself at night after the movie. A car passed me and I ran as fast as I could to stay in front of the car’s headlights because I thought, “If the Blob jumps out from behind a bush or tree, the guy driving the car will see it and jump out and save me.”; When I finally got home, the car stopped and a man got out and said, “Todd, what on heaven’s earth are you doing?” The man was my family’s minister. I had to think quickly on my feet not to confess to our clergyman that I had been depending on him to kill the Blob!; Now that I know the difference between the Blob and a blog, my next “post” will be about our profession.