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Last major things left are:; Database Updates – populating the database with companies and associations to fill out the “Directories” section. I will be massaging data all day tomorrow and possibly throughout the week. By Friday, I hope, all lookups will be working. This includes Web Expo, Find a Provider and Association Pipeline.; Store and Meeting Registration – payment processing is theoretically working but needs to be tested. Once it is, have mercy on the mariner we will be configuring anything but the kitchen sink to be payable online.; “Events” – everything in the industry should be visible on our calendar.; And some other various content sections. These are filling up quickly.; Today/Tonight I am just working on posting more of the bottomless archive of Articles for the Reading Room. This is niche, boutique material, but in total I think it is pretty cool. Once we have a critical mass of content up it will be, I hope, at least a little bit interesting for everyone. I love that the most recent article from 1892 on “Roads” has a subsection on “Hitching Posts.”