[File under Dawn Of A New Era]; Another big chunk of content is now online – the ICCFA Model Guidelines. Not exactly new material but it was not so easy to find on the old Web site so this is more akin to an archeological discovery than a Pulitzer-prize moment. Published a little over 10 years ago, these documents were the result of a large amount of work by our Government and Legal Affairs Committee, and if you peruse them you will see they offer a valuable set of outlines for new legislative initiatives. Not to mention, a fine statement of best practices for our industry.; The old Web site … ah, yes, the oooold Web site. I sense now it’s been deceased for over a week I am finally gaining sufficient distance to refer to it with ironic tenderness, much like you’d talk about that good old mutt dog Blue you had as a kid, the one who ate your favorite baseball mitt, infested the house with fleas, ransacked your project the day before the Science Fair and threw up on your date’s prom dress. That old Web site brought so much … emotion to our lives over the years.; Poor little fella never really had a chance, though. Born in 1996, during the infancy of the World Wide Web, and we had no money to bring it into the modern age, so we just kept tacking stuff on – sort of like one of those bungalows you see around Southern California, the little three-room jobbers they keep adding to and adding to until it looks like a Lego house that grows from 1000 to 5000 sq ft with the aid of wood blocks, play doh and an erector set.; Yes, old icfa.org was an ongoing kludge, glommed with bits and pieces of new technology but never revamped, disjointed yet obliquely attractive like something by Duchamp – the Bride Stripped Bare By Her Programmers, Even – a masterwork of accretion which amazingly defied common sense and gravity to remain standing for over 12 years. Even we on the staff had trouble finding stuff. And as far as making sitewide changes …. brrr! what a nightmare. But also full of wonderful surprises as we periodically found content that no one remembered was there.; Here on the new site, we can pretty much manipulate and reframe all of our content however we want, because the content and presentation are truly separate. If the aliens land tomorrow, we can adopt a Pleiades color scheme to welcome our new overlords. If T. Boone Pickens decides to purchase the entire death care industry, we can put windmills and natural gas logos on every page. We can redo our menus with a few keystrokes and bring any content right to the surface. It’s going to be much, much easier to manage than ol’ Blue.