Whilst the hamsters in their wheels scurry crazily in the background (I’m not calling JOE a hamster, just the people who are manipulating the code) I’m having fun writing entries for the Wiki and coming up with some topics for possible future forums. After over 30 years in the business I feel like I have at least a grasp on much of what we do. Part of the Wiki posts are just cut-and-pasted from the Consumer Resources section on the ICCFA site, but some of them I’m writing on my own. The nature of a Wiki is that it is interactive and updatable. So I hope my peers (that’s you, gentle readers) will check it out and lend their expertise. Let’s not do anything crazy like post that Kevin Bacon is dead, as recently happened to his entry in the official Wikipedia. I’m going to research some “urban legends” regarding death and related topics and see if I can find some fun stuff to shoot holes through. If you know of any, please share!!