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Quality or Else: The 50 Minute Deming System

American quality expert Dr. W. Edwards Deming used his advanced degrees in math and statistics to study quality and answer the all-time important quality question: “How can we do this service or make this product better?”

You may ask what does the person who taught the Japanese about making quality cars have to contribute to the funeral service profession? According to Deming, the mission of business is to help people solve problems they encounter in daily life, and that’s exactly what we offer through pre-need, at-need and aftercare programs. Using Deming’s quality theory and applying it to the deathcare profession, your funeral home can focus on the examination and analysis of four crucial points:

  1. Visibility
  2. Information
  3. Attention
  4. Consistency

Combine Deming’s concept of mission and his concept of quality service and you have a dynamic roadmap for the continuous improvement of quality funeral service. Because families today expect the same level of service and quality from their funeral home that they get from their local barista  . . . or else.

Meet the Dean

Todd Van Beck, CFuE

Todd Van Beck, CFuE

Todd lives in Nashville, TN with his wife, Georgia. He received an honorary Doctorate Degree in Humane Letters from Commonwealth Institute of Funeral Service, Houston, TX, Master of Arts Degree in Pastoral Ministry from Mount Saint Mary’s Seminary, Cincinnati, OH, Bachelor’s of Arts Degree in Psychology and Philosophy from Mount Mercy College, Cedar Rapids, IA and Mortuary Arts and Sciences Diploma from New England Institute of Anatomy, Sanitary Science, Embalming and Funeral Directing, Boston, MA. He formerly served as general manager of John B. Turner & Son Mortuary, Cedar Rapids, IA. Todd was an educator at Cincinnati College of Mortuary College of Mortuary Science, Hudson Valley College, New England Institute and Commonwealth Institute. He is the Dean of the College of Funeral Management at the University of Memphis. He is a Certified Funeral Service Practitioner and a member of the Academy of Professional Funeral Service Practice, a Certified Embalmer, the author of 4 books, 400 professional articles.