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College of 21st Century Services

What Can Celebrants Do For You

Fewer people are choosing to be attached to organized religions, and not as many people wish to have clergy-led funeral services. This offers an alternative option to offer: Celebrants. It’s been found that Celebrant-led services lead to increased customer satisfaction, with families finding them considerably more personal than other funerals they have attended.

Dean of ICCFA University’s College of 21st Century Services, Glenda Stansbury will present this webinar that covers a number of critical topics in the roles of Celebrants. You’ll be given the opportunity to learn about: 

  • The Traditional Funeral Trap
  • The Spiritual but Not Religious
  • The Cremation Correlation
  • Who Needs a Celebrant?
  • What Celebrants Can Do?
  • What is Our Future?

Meet the Dean

Glenda Stansbury, CFSP

Glenda Stansbury, CFSP

Glenda Stansbury has worked as marketing and development director for In-Sight Books since 1995 and has been dean of the InSight Institute since 1999, training over 4000 Celebrants in the US, Canada and Latin America and is a practicing funeral Celebrant.  She is a licensed funeral director and embalmer, a Certified Funeral Service Professional and a professor in the UCO Mortuary Science Department.