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Honoring Sacred Traditions in a COVID-19 World

Chinese funeral protocol is steeped in traditions dating back thousands of years. The manner, decorum and etiquette of a traditional funeral not only venerates and honors the deceased, but can determine the future ‘good fortune’ of the living. The Coronavirus has challenged both funeral director and survivors in ways we could never have imagined. This requires a careful consideration of how to keep staff and guests safe and fulfilling cultural requirements. A seemingly impossible dual task.

Bob Yount offers us a guide through and down this sensitive path and discovers how our families and staff find peace, strength and resilience.

Meet the Speaker

Bob Yount

Bob Yount

A California native, Bob Yount is now in his 48th year in funeral service since serving his embalmers apprenticeship in 1972. He attended the San Francisco College of Mortuary Science in 1974, and later returned in 1988 to serve as the dean of students and instructor of Embalming and Restorative Art until 1993. He has served as a California market general manager for the Alderwoods Group and since 2011 has been the general manager of the Green Street Mortuary in San Francisco, a Dignity provider of Service Corporation International. Bob has produced instructional videos for embalming and funeral arranging and was prominently featured in the PBS documentary, “Death: The Trip of a Lifetime” and also served as a technical consultant for the HBO series, “Six Feet Under.” Bob is licensed as an embalmer, funeral director, cemetery manager and crematory manager and holds a BS degree in Psychology.