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Continuous Improvement in Cemetery Care

Do you remember the good old days when you had half the work, double the staff and three times the budget? Neither do I. Cemetery maintenance has always been tough. It’s like working on a construction site and an active golf course while hosting a wedding ceremony.

The good news is that cemetery workers have the expertise of the ICCFA University speakers to provide the knowledge and guidance necessary to make positive changes at your cemeteries. The Land College speakers traditionally spend several days delving into topics such as improving grounds maintenance, creating memorable funerals and increasing sustainability. They also focus on how to assist grieving families, sales, marketing, veteran hiring, employee training and the liability issues that come along with increasing visitors at a cemetery.

As disappointed as I am about not meeting with you in person, as Dean of the Land College I plan to impart as much knowledge as possible. The main goal behind all of our presentations and this webinar is to increase the number of families we serve with the dignity and respect they deserve. This is not an easy feat with recruiting difficulties, cost limitations and shifting demands of the consumer. I will touch on many of these topics in an abbreviated format with the intention of leaving you with the tools to drive change, make enhancements at your properties and use techniques to measure results which is extremely important and often forgotten.

The question and answer period will allow for an open discussion on various facets of the cemetery profession including mausoleums, interments and grounds care. I look forward to sharing the lessons from our presenters and hearing your concerns and contributions.

Meet the Dean

Gino Merendino

Gino Merendino

Gino Merendino is the chief gardener and cofounder of Merendino Cemetery Care, head of the company’s Veteran Apprenticeship Program, Dean of the ICCFA Land Management & Ground Operations College, a trustee of the ICCFA Education Foundation and responsible for training gardeners, masons and burial crews serving 17 states in Northeast and Midwest.