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Virtually Unusual Business

The state of the world has radically changed and this transformation came faster than most have been able to adapt. When it comes to deathcare and pre-need sales it seems the way we do almost everything has had to change. Will things ever get back to the way they were? And if so, when?

We all know what we CAN’T DO, so let’s focus on what we CAN DO! In this fast-paced, one-hour webinar you will learn how to:

  • Make ‘value-based calls’ that will turn into pre-need appointments
  • Prospect in a virtual word
  • Master virtual presentations
  • Manage referrals in a new world

We will talk about who is succeeding, how are they doing it and how this current situation will make you better, forever! And of course, we will be sure and help you create your MERRCLE.

Meet the Dean

Gary O'Sullivan, CCFE

Gary O'Sullivan, CCFE

Gary O’Sullivan Company

Gary O’Sullivan, CCFE, is president of the Gary O’Sullivan Company, a consulting firm specializing in the cemetery and funeral profession. Gary is also a nationally recognized speaker, trainer, and author.  From entering sales at the age of eighteen and selling door-to-door for family-owned businesses to a senior vice president for a publicly traded company, Gary has experienced mostly every aspect of the business environment.