First Place

Grandview Cemetery: Healing Path • Maryville, Tennessee

To create a meaningful connection that would build trust and value in the importance of a cemetery’s lasting heritage among a changing demographic, the Healing Path was born. The Healing Path is a self-guided and interactive initiative that’s designed to help visitors in their journey through grief. Visitors receive a 30-page field guide that provides practical steps and guidance as they search for support, rediscover meaning, honor their loved ones, and look or hope. Comprised of  6 stations, each includes an informational sign and an engaging activity. The Healing Path provides “a sacred space – set apart and designed especially for your care – a special place for nurture, comfort, empathy, reconciliation, and forgiveness.” Pg.3 in the field guide.

Honorable Mention

Friends of Maple Grove Cemetery: Day of Remembrance • Kew Gardens, New York

2020 was the 15th anniversary for the Friends of Maple Grove Cemetery’s Day of Remembrance event, but due to the COVID-19 pandemic, this normally in-person event was transformed into a virtual experience. This event included a 30-minute online presentation that was divided into segments that would focus on specific messages. A Remembrance Tree banner was installed in the Celebration Hall at the Maple Grove Center with a life-sized image of a bare tree so that families could add their personalized leaf to the tree and watch it flourish. The families sent in their leaves by mail, email, fax, or hand-carried to the cemetery.