Music licensing is the law, and failure to obtain a license where one is required can be costly. Copyright law provides for damages similar to fines of up to $30,000 for each song that is infringed. If your company, regardless of size, hosts performances of copyrighted music—whether the music is performed live or played from recordings—music copyright owners say you are legally required to pay an annual licensing fee.

Open to any company in the cemetery and funeral service industry in the U.S., the ICCFA is offering music licensing with ASCAP, BMI and SESAC at the discount rate of $300 per location. There are no additional fees or membership requirements; and Webcasting Licenses for $51 per URL/website address.

The music license allows a business to play (perform) any live or recorded music at any service and at any location. The webcasting license is an additional music license that allows a business to stream a funeral service – including the songs played during the service – on their website, without violating copyright laws. You must have a music license before you purchase a webcasting license.

The music license rate is a direct pass-through of the combined annual fees from ASCAP, BMI and SESAC. Licensing directly with the agencies this year would cost nearly $600 per location.

For more information on music/webcast licensing, click here to read “A New Generation of Streaming Videos: An Update on Recent Funeral Video Streaming Issues.”

2021 Music license: $300 per location 

2021 Webcasting license: $51 per URL/website address

Please e-mail your  Form and payment to Teresa, the ICCFA’s Accounting Coordinator at