April 1, 2020

Question: Is there a way that death educators (not a funeral home staff member) can help funeral homes if/when they get inundated with people needing their services?

Answer: We anticipate that certain states which have high impact zones – or hotspots – will be posting certain needs and ways people can be of service to essential businesses like deathcare. This could possibly become a licensing issue, and for that reason each state will handle things differently. ICCFA is following these updates and posting them on the State Orders section of our COVID-19 resource pages. We anticipate that many states will be updating filing requirements, as well as other operational aspects that are state regulated. We recommend that you follow your state licensing agency, and please forward any such notices to ICCFA (kase@iccfa.com) so we can keep all of our members updated. If you are an ICCFA member in need of help, or if you want to offer your services, please submit it in our COVID-19 Q&A portal and we will start a running list to try and connect those in need.