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Join us on March 21, 2024, at 2:00 PM EST for the next ICCFA Webinar, Leadership Worth Following: How to Manage Your Most Valuable Resource by Serving People, with Honnalora Hubbard, Southeast Regional Sales Manager at Coldspring.

What leaders want is to have an organization of motivated, productive team members. However, most leaders have never been taught how to truly be serve as leader that makes that possible. Instead of understanding that their role is to serve the people to whom they are entrusted and knowing how to lead by putting others first, most leaders are overly focused on driving results.

Consequently, they unintentionally create cultures with low morale, high turnover, and decreased production. Could servant leadership be the change your organization needs to create the culture your team will thrive in? Can a leadership style or structure resolve some of your biggest challenges? Let’s find out together!

With a family background in funeral services and extensive experience in the death care industry, Honnalora currently serves as a Regional Sales Manager for Coldspring. Throughout her career, she has earned several prestigious sales awards and has over 20 years of professional public speaking experience. Honnalora brings a strong sense of business acumen to her sales process including business development, sales leadership and sales training. She drives world-class value-added solutions supporting all avenues of permanent memorialization including bronze and granite memorials, Private Estates®, Community Mausoleums, Columbaria, and cemetery construction related sales. Honnalora is also one of the founding members of the Death Care Collective, proudly serving as the DCC’s current Vice-Chair.

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