Coronavirus and the Deathcare Profession


Maintaining Sales Momentum During COVID-19

Your Questions Answered Live

COVID-19 has forced dramatic changes upon cemeteries and funeral homes. Just a few weeks ago, we thought everything might go back to normal relatively quickly.  Now we know better. As a consequence, we are forced to reconsider some of the business decisions that we made when the crisis first broke. For example, many cemeteries and funeral homes suspended or cut way back on their pre-need selling activities. But what if we don’t return to any sense of normalcy for months? What will be the cost to our business?

This webinar’s 5 panelists share ways to effectively create pre-need sales revenue safely during these unprecedented times without generating negative feedback.

Join Gary O’Sullivan, Welton Hong, David Shipper, Aaron Shipper, and John Callaghan who are working with clients every day to identify pre-need opportunities during COVID-19.