To receive the prestigious Certified Cemetery Executive (CCE), Certified Funeral Executive (CFuE), Certified Cemetery Funeral Executive (CCFE), Certified Cremation Executive (CCrE), Certified Supplier Executive (CSE) and Certified Pet Loss Professional (CPLP) certifications, applicants must complete the rigid tests of time and experience, and then be approved by the ICCFA Certification Board. The objectives of the Certification Program are to raise the professional and ethical standards of those engaged in cemetery and funeral service management, to champion continuing educational self improvement, to establish guidelines for achievement and to reward individuals who exceed these high levels of professional competence within the International Cemetery, Cremation and Funeral Association.

William B. Addison Jr., CCFE, CCrE
Barry L. Alderson, CCE
Russell Allen, CCFE
Ellaway D. Amiker III, CCE
Lawrence C. Anspach, CCE
Chad Aylestock, CCE
John T. Bailey, CCE
Richard O. Baldwin Jr., CCE
Barry Bamford, CCE
Jerome J. Barnett, CCE, CCCE
Kathy Beard, CPLP
David J. Bell, CCE
Stephen E. Bittner, CCE, CCCE
Harry (Hap) D. Bledsoe, CCE
Bryan K. Block, CCE
Patricia A. Bloodgood, CCE
David Bloomer, CPLP
Nancy Boerema, CPLP
Linda Bogart, CPLP
John Bolton, CCE
Lori Bolton, CSE
C. R. Bott, CCE
Thomas C. Bowling III, CCE
Charles F. Bowman, CFuE
Byron B. Boyd, CCE
Timothy F. Brammer, CCE
Terry Branson, CPLP, CFSP
Gary L. Brown, CCE, CCCE
Kevin D. Brown, CCE, CCrE
Joseph P. Bruno, CCE
Julie A. Burn, CCrE, CSE
Stephen G. Burrill, CCE, CCrE
H. E. Burton, CCE
Angela Byrum, CCE
Willis F. Carlton, CCE
Danny Carmichael, CPLP
John E. Carpenter, CCE
Philip J. Carpenter, CCE
Anthony Carpinello, CCE
Edwin F. Casey, CCE
Steve H. Childress, CCE
Anthony C. Ciulla, CCE
Robert F. Clarke, CCE
F. Tom Claxton, CCE
John G. Clayton, CCE
Kelly Clem, CPLP
Jodi Clock, CPLP
Richard F. Cody, CCE
James S. Conder Jr., CCE
Norman R. Conn, CCE
Michael K. Crane, CCE
Charles Crook, CPLP
David O. Dahl, CSE
Thomas P. Daly, CCE
Kevin R. Daniels, CCE
Allen L. Dave, CFuE
John V. Deacy, CCE
William B. DeBoer Jr., CCE
James A. DeCastro, CCE
Ronald V. Deiger, CCE
Clift C. Dempsey, CCFE
Mandy DePuy, CPLP
Mike DePuy, CPLP
Patricia A. Dewey, CCE
John R. DiPietro, CCE
Mark T. Dotson, CCE
Patrick R. Downey, CCE
Peter A. Dreifus, CCE
Martin E. Dugan Jr., CCE
Gregory J. Easley, CCE
Donald H. Eiesland, CCE
Francis F. Elliott, CCE, CCCE
Coleen Ellis, CPLP
Jay M. England, CCE
Robert B. Ericson, CCE
David B. Evans, CCFE
Gordon R. Ewig, CCE
Vincent L. Faccinto, CCFE
Dennis B. Fairbank, CCE
Lanse K. Fero, CCE
Dale J. Fiore, CCE
Jennifer Leigh Frew, CCE
Ray Frew, CCFE
Gary M. Freytag, CCFE
Cherie Fry, CPLP
Thomas J. Gardner Sr., CCE
J. Daniel Garrison, CCE
William L. Garrison, CCE
David J. Geller, CCE
Gil Gifford, CCE
Frank F. Giglio, CCE
Donald Gleason, CPLP
Peter M. Glendinning, CCE
Martha Godsey, CCE
Robert A. Gordon Jr., CCE
Robert A. Gordon Sr., CCFE, CCrE, CSE
Isabelle G. Grace, CCE
Elizabeth J. Graf, CCE
Richard J. Green Sr., CCE
George H. Gulley Jr., CCE
Thomas A. Habitz, CCE
Victoria C. Hand, CCE
Eugene P. Harris, CCE
Michael T. Harris, CPLP
Caren L. Harville, CCE, CFuE
Richard E. Hatton, CCE
William F. Hawk, CCE
Lonnie Hawkins, CCE
Ernie Heffner, CFuE
Brent F. Heffron, CCE
Christine Toson Hentges, CCE
Deanna Herfel, CPLP
Lorina R. Hiatt, CPLP
Charles S. Hobbs, CCE
Jeffrey A. Hodes, CCE, CSE
Anthony Hollingshead, CCE
Edward Horn, CCE
Thomas O. Hornstein, CCE
Lisa House, CPLP
R. Kent House, CPLP
Duane Huitt, CCE
Michael C. Hutchinson, CCE
Robert J. Ilasi, CCE
Corinne W. Israel, CCE
Andrew L. Jackson, CCE
Jerry Jackson, CCE
Kathryn Janus, CPLP
Cody D. Jones, CPLP
Nick Jones, CFuE, CFSP
Mark Jorgensen, CSE
Frank L. Karnes Jr., CCE
Jeff Kidwiler, CCE, CSE
Roberta Knauf, CPLP
Keenan L. Knopke, CCFE
Katie Koewler, CPLP
Mark J. Krause, CFuE
Lois M. Krizak, CCE
Valerie Lacayo, RN, CPLP
Tim Lancaster, CCFE
Wanda Lappert, CCE
I. Frederick Lappin, CCE
Lane J. Latimer III, CCE
Edward C. Laux, CCE
William P. Lavelle, CCE
Paul F. Layer Jr., CCE
Paula Leach, CCE
Alex Lensing, CPLP
C. John Linge, CCFE
G. William Little Jr., CCE
John F. Llewellyn, CCE
Charles B. Locke, CCE
Nancy R. Lohman, CCFE
Dr. Steve Looker, CCrE, CSE
Craig L. Lovett, CCE
Annie E. Luce, CCE
Jex R. Luce, CCE
Robin H. Luce, CCE
Alan J. MacKinnon, CCE
George A. Malesich, CCFE
Nevin W. Mann, CCFE
Kenneth A. March, CCE
Robert S. March, CCE
Brian J. Marlowe, CCE
William G. Martini, CPLP
L. Edward Marvin, CCE
Douglas R. Massey, CCE
Preston McCurtain, CPLP
Kathleen A. McLaughlin, CCFE
William C. McNamara, CCFE
Robert McNerney, CFuE, CCrE
Bryan Mead, CPLP
George E. Meagher III, CCE
Judith Meeks, Ph.D., CCFE
Mark Meinholz, CPLP
Walter F. Melvin, CCE
Edmund W. Miller, CCE
Frederick W. Miller, CCE, CSE
Pamela E. Miller, CCE
Rick Miller, CCFE
George Milley, CCE
Dr. W. G. Moeser, CCE
Gwen M. Mooney, CCFE
Franklin G. Moore Jr., CCE
Kate Moore, CPLP, CFSP
Stephen L. Morgan, CCE
Richard W. Mosher, CCE
Larry Moskowitz, CCE
Richard J. Moylan, CCE
Richard L. Mueller, CCE
Terrance D. Mulcare, CCE
Duncan W. Munro, CCE
Kenneth G. Myers, CCFE, CCrE
Bruce H. Nagy, CCE
Raeleen Neary, CPLP
Harry C. Neel, CCFE
Robert G. Neel, CCFE
Blair H. Nelsen, CFuE, CCrE, CFSP
Ronald J. Nestor, CCE
David W. Newcomer IV, CCE
Fred L. Newman, CCE
Ronald A. Noon, CCE
Lillian M. Nuckolls, CCE
Robert (Ted) T. Nuckolls, CCE
Gary O’Sullivan, CCFE
Jonathan Pace, CCE, CCrE, CSE
Roger E. Pauley, CCE
Henry Pennington, CPLP
Mark Pennington, CCFE, CCrE, CSE
Richard F. Perl, CCFE
Richard Peterson, CCE, CCCE
William Phelps, CCFE
Gerald A. Pino, CCE
Gary Piper, CPLP
Nancy Bush Piper, CPLP
John J. Powers Jr., CCE
James D. Price, CCFE, CCrE
David R. Quiring, CSE, CM, FAICA
Ricardo Quiros, CCFE
Dennis Radford, CCE
Robert L. Randall, CCE
Daniel E. Reed, CCE
Sandra L. Reed, CPLP
Sharon G. Leskera Reed, CCE
Jon C. Reichmuth, CFuE, CFSP
David Remkus, CPLP
Jonathan Remkus, CPLP
Kari Remkus, CPLP
Nancy Remkus, CPLP
William Remkus, CPLP
John J. Resich Jr., CCFE
Mike Riley, CCE
Kenneth L. Roberson, CCE
Darryl J. Roberts, CCE
Jeff Roberts, CCFE
Thomas G. Roberts, CCE
Lynn Robertson, CPLP
Ronald P. Robertson, CCE
Tim Rolfs, CCFE
Joell Rose, CPLP
Diane Ross, CPLP
Robert Rouse, CCE
William E. Rowe, CCE
Joseph B. Sankovich, CCE, CPC
Cynthia Savage-Rice, CCE
Victor J. Savino, CCFE
Samuel B. Saxton, CCE
Daniel R. Scalf, CCE
Stephen L. Schacht, CCFE
Randolph Q. Schaefer, CCE
Michael Schoedinger, CFuE, CCrE
Marjene Schrader, CPLP
Louis Schwartz, CCE
Tanya Scotece, CCFE, CCrE, CFSP
Stanley H. Scruggs, CSE
Eddie Seal, CCE
Richard T. Sells, CCE
Scott R. Sells, CCFE
Linus Shackelford, CCE
Robert R. Shenefield Jr., CCE
Michael J. Shipley, CCE
Wendy Shipley, CPLP
Irwin W. Shipper, CCE
Paul R. Shiring, CCE, CCrE
Michelle Shook, CPLP
Nancy Gunter Shumard, CCE
Mark Simard, CCE
Rufus Slade, CCE, CCrE
Heather G. Slicker, CPLP
Yvonne Slonaker, CCrE, CFuE
Thomas H. Snyder, CSE
Betty Sorrels, CCE
David R. Spivey, CCE
Carl K. Stark, CCE
James R. Starks, CCFE, CCrE
Jerry K. Stephens, CCE
Skye M. Stevens, CPLP
Sue Ann Striffler, CCE
Gregg A. Strom, CCE
Vernon E. Stuart, CCE
Julia Sutor, CPLP
Brewer B. Thompson, CCE
Cynthia A. Thompson, CCFE
Nick Timpe, CSE
JT Tomczak, CPLP
William R. Toson, CCE
William H. Truscott, CCE
Michael R. Uselton, CCFE
Todd Van Beck, CFuE
Thomas D. Van Buskirk, CCE
Brett VanDeWoestyne, CPLP
Kenneth E. Varner, CCFE
Vivianne Villanueva, CPLP
Andrea Lyke Vittum, CCE
Gregory M. Vogele, CCE, CCCE
Barbara Vydro, CCE
Douglas Gerald Wagemann, CCFE
Gerald D. Wantz, CCE
Thomas E. Weaver Jr., CCE
Delbert E. Wensley, CCE
Dale R. Westby, CCE, CFSP
David B. Wharmby, CCE
James (Jim) H. Wilcox, CCE
Gary A. Williams, CCE
Gregg M. Williamson, CCE
Cathryn Link Winett, CCE
Randall Wood, CCE
Dennis L. Woolard, CCE
Joanna Woronchak, CPLP
Kevin Woronchak, CPLP
William L. Wright, CCE
Chester Yeargan, CPLP
David A. Yearsley, CSE
Arthur W. Yerty, CCE
Dmitri Zaslausky, CPLP
Mary Zobel, CPLP