The ICCFA’s most prestigious award is entry into our Hall of Fame. Since its creation in 1965, it has been awarded to only 37 individuals. This award recognizes those who have demonstrated unselfish service and outstanding contributions to the ICCFA, to the cemetery, funeral, cremation, and memorialization profession, and, ultimately, to the public.

The ICCFA will proudly induct I. Frederick Lappin, CCE, into the ICCFA Hall of Fame during the President’s Banquet on April 11 at the 2024 ICCFA Annual Convention and Exposition in Tampa, Florida.

I. Frederick Lappin, CCE

Lappin began serving as a volunteer with the ICCFA in 2001 as a member of the Sales and Marketing Committee. His subsequent positions have included multiple terms on the Board of Directors, including three Vice President appointments. He was a co-chair for both the Fall Leadership and Sales & Marketing Conferences and has served on a variety of committees, including the Mission Statement, Strategic Planning, Future Directions, Service Bureau, and more. Lappin has also been selected to serve on numerous Executive Committees and, most notably, was elected ICCFA President for 2014-15. Additionally, he was an original Trustee/Board member of the ICCFA Educational Foundation and was integrally involved with the inclusion of The Jewish Funeral Directors of America, Inc. (JFDA), as well as expanding the relationship between the ICCFA and the Latin American Association of Cemeteries and Funeral Services (ALPAR) by attending their events in Panama, Guatemala, and Spain.

2022 Inductee

Jim Price, CCFE, CCrE

Senior Vice President of Industry Relations, Park Lawn Corporation

Jim Price has dedicated over 50 years of service to the deathcare profession, embodying the idea of giving back and paying it forward. He has served on the Board of Directors of the ICCFA and as a Trustee for the ICCFA Educational Foundation. In 2015, Jim Price was elected as President & Chairman of the ICCFA Educational Foundation, a position he continues to serve to this day. His leadership of the Educational Foundation has seen an unparalleled rise in donations, scholarships awarded, and initiatives undertaken.

2022 Inductee

Bill Wright, CCE

Director of Cemetery Operations and Facilities, Greenwood – Mount Olivet 

Bill Wright has displayed continued dedication to the ICCFA throughout his 35 years spent supporting the Association. He has served in a number of leadership roles including Director, Vice President of Education, Vice President of the Government & Public Affairs Steering Committee, and as President of the ICCFA from 2002 – 2003. Notably, he founded the ICCFA’s Political Action Committee (PAC) in 2003 and served as chairman for six years. The ICCFA’s PAC has made a tremendous impact on the deathcare profession through its advocacy efforts.

Past Inductees

1965: Raymond L. Brennan
1965: Eric S. Marmorek
1969: Roy Hatten
1969: R. Lee McNitt, Jr.
1970: William Boyd
1975: George Young
1981: Herschel Auerbach
1981: James E. Watkins, Jr.
1986: Frederick Llewellyn
1987: Robert G. Garrison, CCE
1987: Kenneth R. White, Sr.
1988: John T. Bailey, CCE
1989: Alvin E. Melton, CCE
1990: C. H. Shackelford
1991: Robert G. Neel
1992: Charles B. Locke, CCE
1993: H. E. Burton, CCE
1994: Frank L. Karnes, Jr., CCE
1995: Daniel E. Reed, CCE
1997: Harry “Hap” D. Bledsoe, CCE
1999: Harold Brown
1999: Hugh Keatley, CCE
2000: Edward C. Laux, CCE
2000: J. Asher Neel, CCE
2002: B. David Daly, CCFE
2004: Irwin W. Shipper, CCE
2006: Samuel B. Saxton, CCE
2008: Robert T. “Ted” Nuckolls, CCE
2009: Robert A. Gordon, Sr., CCFE, CCrE, CSE
2011: Robert M. Fells, Esq.
2012: Arlie T. Davenport, Jr.
2013: Richard T. Sells, CCE
2014: David J. Shipper
2015: Frederick W. Miller, CCE, CSE
2018: Paul M. Elvig
2022: Jim Price, CCFE, CCrE
2022: Bill Wright, CCE