May 2-31, 2022

Announcing the 2022 ICCFA Virtual Convention!

The ICCFA is excited to announce a virtual companion event for the 2022 ICCFA Annual Convention & Exposition – the 2022 ICCFA Virtual Convention!

If you joined us in Las Vegas in March, re-experience some of the amazing educational content of the 2022 ICCFA Annual Convention from the comfort of your desk for a limited time. If you were unable to join us in Vegas, here’s your opportunity to watch some of the incredible educational sessions that were on the schedule.

In-person registrants for the 2022 ICCFA Annual Convention & Exposition will receive complimentary access to the Virtual Convention. If you did not register for the in-person event, ICCFA members can register to view the recordings for only $150 (Non-Member price: $250). Please note that you have until May 24 to register, as this limited-time virtual event only lasts until May 31. You will receive an email on the morning of May 2 with your login link and credentials.


Your registration will provide you access to a selection of educational session recordings from the 2022 ICCFA Annual Convention held March 22–25! You will be able to access these recordings on-demand from May 2 – 31, 2022.

Please contact Tom Crosley at ICCFA at if you have any questions about obtaining CE credit for ICCFA Virtual Convention. If your state hasn’t expressly approved this program, you may have the option to petition your state for credit as a part of your license renewal process, depending on the state.

After your register, you will receive an email with login information on May 2.

Virtual Registration Rates

Ends May 24, 2022

Member Price Non-Member Price
Attendee $150 $250
In-Person Convention Registrants $0 $0

Session Recordings

  • Shifts in Customer Desires Brought on by the Pandemic
    Angelique Simpson, Matthews International
    The global pandemic showed us that as an industry, we can be flexible, creative, and nimble when necessary. Funeral homes and cemeteries were forced to instantly reinvent their businesses to adapt to ever-changing federal and state requirements, all while still working to provide meaningful ways of saying goodbye. Progressive funeral homes and cemeteries are using these historic challenges to innovate – using new technologies and new ideas to serve families now and well into the future. This enlightening session will review shifts in consumer desires and habits brought about by the pandemic. We will share best practices you can put into action now to ensure the future of your business and career.
  • Defining Leadership in the Workplace
    Davey Resource Group/Davey Tree Expert Co.
    Educational track sponsored by Batesville
    When you’re young, clouds are pirate ships and dragons. As we grow older, we lose sight of the “spectacular” and lose hope in what things can become. During our time spent together, attendees will look within to discover their own gifts. What makes you unique? What makes you a leader? We will take those attributes and learn how to further developing those. We will discover ways to be better listeners for our team. We are going to re-spark our imagination and see the world as pirate ships and dragons once more to regain a new perspective within the workplace.
  • Overcoming Staffing Challenges of the 21st Century in a Post-Pandemic World
    Bob Heidlage, Global Recruiters of Batesville
    Educational track sponsored by Batesville
    We will look at the latest facts and figures related to hiring and retaining the best and brightest. We will also discuss how the past 2 years have changed the dynamic between employer and employee. Learn strategies that will help you take advantage of the unique value proposition the funeral and cemetery professions offer candidates who might be reconsidering their future as we address some of the most common misconceptions about attracting and retaining top talent.
  • P.A.U.S.E: Next of Kin Scenarios
    Mike Elliott, Carriage Services
    Educational track sponsored by Batesville
    Next-of-kin scenarios create multiple challenges for funeral homes, cemeteries, and crematories and can lead to highly emotional conflict. While never easy to resolve, Mike will speak about an easy process to follow when dealing with difficult next-of-kin situations. By using the systematic P.A.U.S.E. approach, funeral homes, cemeteries, and crematories can avoid unnecessary legal risk while also showcasing first-class funeral service.
  • Keynote: Leading Across the Generational Divide
    Lynne Lancaster
    Educational track sponsored by Service Corporation International
    What makes a great leader and how do the generations view the role of leadership differently? Today, the expectations of leaders are evolving. Whether you’re a seasoned veteran directing those younger than you, an experienced Xer juggling multiple generations, a skilled Millennial managing upward, or you are struggling to connect with all the generations, Lynne’s savvy research, entertaining anecdotes, and practical advice will help you:- Understand who the generations are and how their expectations of leaders have changed- Quantify generational gaps in recruiting, engaging, communicating, and retaining- Increase your effectiveness as a leader by understanding how to engage each generation- Apply hands-on techniques to flex your leadership style
  • Keynote: Digital Legacy – Take Control of Your Digital Afterlife
    Rikard Steiber
    Educational track sponsored by Inglewood Park Cemetery
    Do you know what happens to your digital “stuff” when you die? No? You are not alone! As it turns out, 90% have no plans for what will happen to their online financial and social media accounts, documents, photos etc., but 80% of people want a solution. With 30 million dead people sending birthday reminders of Facebook, this is a real problem. You’re invited to Rikard’s keynote session to learn what will happen to your digital accounts like Google, Apple, and Facebook when you die. Gain insight on how digital accounts, documents, and photo memories are becoming an important part of pre-need planning. Also, catch a glimpse into the future, where you can live on forever as an AI avatar interacting with future generations. Gain new insights and learnings from the author of the book, Digital Legacy: Take Control of Your Digital Afterlife.
  • Keynote: Nice Bike – Making Meaningful Connections
    Mark Scharenbroich
    Educational track sponsored by J3Tech Solutions and Johnson Consulting Group
    Mix thousands and thousands of black leather-clad, bandana-wearing, tattoo-bearing Harley-Davidson riders with a 100th Anniversary and one beige rental car and the end result will be the perfect metaphor for connecting with others: “Nice Bike.” Nice Bike acts as a powerful catalyst to help build stronger, more unified teams. The message inspires audience members to be more engaged and passionate about connecting with others. Join Emmy award-winning speaker, Mark Scharenbroich as he takes you for a fun ride on how to be effective at making meaningful connections in both your professional and personal life. His Nice Bike principle is supported by three strong actions: acknowledge, honor, and connect. Mark has spent his career working in both industry and education discovering how some of the best organizations and team leaders build a culture that encourages people to perform at a higher level through greater engagement. Part motivational speaker, part thought-provoker and pure comedic entertainer, Mark Scharenbroich will inspire, teach, and engage you with Nice Bike.
  • The Risks and Returns of Outsourcing
    Terence Washington, Service Corporation International
    Taelor Johnson, Service Corporation International
    The session will describe some of the risks associated with outsourcing work to third party contractors and steps you should take to mitigate those risks.
  • Muslim Funerals: How Local Funeral Homes and Cemeteries Can Market to Muslims in their Area
    Haroon Firdausi, Muslim Funeral Services
    Ever wonder how you could better serve your Muslim neighbors? Join Haroon Firdausi as he provides insight and expertise into marketing your services to the Muslim community. Haroon is a Chicago native who studied electrical engineering at the University of Illinois. After his mother passed away in 2001, he realized there were no funeral homes in the Chicagoland area catering to his community. Inspired, he went to Worsham University, graduated top of his class, and started Muslim Funeral Services.
  • Boomers are Changing: How to Reach Your Target Demographic in 2022
    Ryan Thogmartin, DISRUPT Media
    Educational track sponsored by
    As a funeral professional, it can be difficult to reach everyone that needs to hear about your services. This presentation will keep you up to date on how your core demographics are communicating online so you can have more conversations, increase your business, and get a leg-up on the competition.
  • Increasing Your Cremation Averages
    Thomas Holland, Atlantic Coast Life Insurance Co.
    Educational track sponsored by Foundation Partners
    The average cremation sale can have an impact on your prearrangement results. Let’s look at ways to combat these averages, increase your arrangement counts, and increase your income.
  • How Silicon Valley is Trying to Destroy the Funeral Industry and What You Can Do About It
    Zach Chatterton, Gather
    Armies of technology companies are assembling – with war chests of money – to do battle against the funeral industry. Join Zach Chatterton as he shares statistics about funding rounds and provides an in-depth analysis of the strategic approach of these new ventures. Learn what funeral homes can do to protect their businesses in the face of a changing landscape and build on their strengths while exploiting the weaknesses of Silicon Valley.
  • How to Compete in a Price Sensitive Market
    Wanda Sizemore, Homesteaders Life Company
    Too often, funeral providers who pride themselves on offering exceptional service spend most of their time talking to families about out-of-pocket costs or they find themselves in a difficult (and unsustainable) position after lowering prices to compete with low-cost providers. What do you do when you discover that your profit margin is no longer enough to support your historic service levels? This presentation will offer actionable tips for how to compete as a service leader in your market, shifting conversations away from what consumers pay and toward the long-lasting value of your goods, services, and expertise.
  • Pain Killers Can Be KILLERS: Funeral Arrangements for an Overdose Death
    Marc Markell, St. Cloud State University/Worsham College of Mortuary Science
    The opioid crisis has affected every state in the United States. Funeral directors nationwide serve an important role when making arrangements for a family after the death from an overdose. Not only are they often the first support the family receives, but they also have the potential of helping the family start the path of healthy grieving. This session will focus on the definition of a drug overdose death, national statistics, how to prepare arrangements after an overdose death, information from family interviews, and how to incorporate the cause of death into obituaries and eulogies.
  • Success and Succession in Funeral Service
    Jake Johnson, Johnson Consulting Group
    Educational track sponsored by NorthStar Memorial Group
    In this presentation Jake Johnson will share statistics on how COVID has affected values and succession planning and give case studies on value impacts. He will discuss the four pillars of success, share the characteristics of a successful funeral operation and talk about ways to create a customer service revolution in your organization that will allow you to turn a product into a service. You will walk away knowing how to maximize the value of your business, regardless of how it is transferred in the future.
  • Talent Acquisition: The Human Resource and Your Business
    Jason Buchbinder, Carriage Services
    The discussion will highlight best practices pursuant on how to knock-in and/or knock-out potential new partners to your individual and unique team through the initial vetting process. We will also discuss how to further assess those practices and processes currently in place that have your business and family’s best interests at heart. Better human resources mean a better return on investment.
  • Ethics in Deathcare
    Poul Lemasters, Esq., ICCFA General Counsel
    Educational track sponsored by Kyber Columbarium
    Deathcare is a caring profession. I mean, look at the word deathcare – ‘care’ is right in there! And if you care about something, then it must mean you’re ethical too. Right? Well – the problem is that our society is always changing, along with ethical changes too. It’s true. Most people think ethics are rules that never change; it’s simply doing the right thing, but ethics evolve and we are seeing big changes in what society accepts as ethical versus unethical. So, what have you done to address the changes in ethics that affect deathcare? You have talked about ethics, right? People – and businesses – need to have a better understanding of ethics in the workplace so they can avoid big issues. Today, being unethical can ruin a business and even be part of a lawsuit.
  • Understanding Estate Processes
    Matthew Van Drimmelen, Full-Circle Aftercare
    Assisting families after their loved one has passed on is more than the planning that happens in the funeral home. Non-legal estate issues can take the average family 12 to 18 months to settle. Funeral directors should understand estate processes to better prepare the families they serve.
  • Disenfranchised Grief: Moving Beyond “Just a Pet” and Filling a Crucial Need for Bereaved Pet Owners
    Maryglenn Warnock, Paws to Remember
    This session explains the concept of “disenfranchised grief,” highlights the burgeoning need for pet aftercare services, and details the keys to filling this immense need, creating awareness and visibility among pet owners, and serving this important market segment.

Keynote Speaker: Lynne Lancaster

Lynne Lancaster is one of today’s most sought-after generational experts, and the founder of two successful consulting firms.  Her clients include 3M, Apple, Coca-Cola, Deloitte, Disney, Exxon, NASA, General Mills, Rose State College, Tinker Airforce Base, the University of Notre Dame, and St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital.

She is co-author of two best-selling books: When Generations Collide and The M-Factor: How the Millennial Generation is Rocking the Workplace. She has interviewed literally thousands of Traditionalists, Baby Boomers, Gen Xers, Millennials, and Gen Y to understand what makes them tick.

Keynote Speaker: Mark Scharenbroich

Keynote speaker Mark Scharenbroich is the expert in creating authentic connections and inspiring his audience to transform corporate cultures. By discovering the power of connections, leaders are moved to connect more effectively with their team and the team in turn connecting with the customer. Mark’s “Nice Bike” metaphor is a memorable principle that helps create raving fans one customer at a time.

Keynote Speaker: Rikard Steiber

Visionary Internet entrepreneur with extensive experience successfully launching and growing digital businesses at global companies incl. Google, Modern Times Group, HTC VIVE and Einride.

Unique expertise in building digital subscription services, global marketing and digital strategy. An active advocate of “Technology for Good” and founder of Europe’s largest Women in Tech network and event. Initiator of the “VR for Impact Initiative” supporting UN Sustainability Goals. Future Astronaut with Virgin Galactic.