Exhibiting FaQs


Do I have to be a member of ICCFA in order to exhibit?
No! Anyone can exhibit (ICCFA members or non-members). However, booth rates are lower for ICCFA members. If your company has never been a member of the ICCFA, an introductory supplier membership is available for just $245. Become a member and enjoy both the lower booth prices along with other great membership benefits. Click here to join the ICCFA or contact Membership Manager Cindy Hinton, cindy@iccfa.com or (703) 401-4444, to renew your membership.
Do I pay for my booth now?

You pay for your standard or featured booth in full by purchasing through the ICCFA Store located at users.iccfa.com. Please note that you must be logged into your Portal account to make the purchase!

How do I set up my virtual booth?

A few days after you purchase your booth from the store, you will receive an automated email from our event platform – WHOVA. This email will contain your personalized link that your representative can use to complete your booth. You can view a full walkthrough of setting up a booth here.

How do I promote my virtual booth?

You can promote your virtual booth the same way you promote your business products: by email or social media and encouraging your current and potential clients to register for the event. Here is a graphic to help you promote the Virtual Annual Convention & Exposition:

What is the supplier showcase?
All exhibitors will receive a 10-minute slot in our planned “Supplier Showcase” where they will be able to play a 10-minute, pre-recorded video. The Showcase will be featured in our daily schedule and provides an opportunity to share more long-form presentations to our attendees. Exhibitor representatives present can use the chat feature to draw attendees to their booth for further discussion and to connect.
How do i submit my supllier showcase video?

Please use a service like DropBox or Google Drive to send us a download link for your video. For information on this process, this video can provide some answers.

How do i film a video for the supplier showcase? What should my video be?

For ideas on Supplier Showcase content and how you can film a video to submit, please watch this video

Where will the 2022 ICCFA Annual Convention & Expo be held?

The 2022 ICCFA Annual Convention will be held at the Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas, Nevada on Sunday March 27 – Wednesday 30, 2022.


If you have any questions or would like additional clarification about your virtual booth, please contact Rick Platter – rplatter@iccfa.com or at 540-692-0601 for information or clarification.

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