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I do a lot of consulting with small business owners who are looking to improve their business. I tell them there are 3 must-haves to succeed in business.; • A Business Plan – to focuses on goals and how to reach them
• A Financial Plan – to plot to review budget
• A Marketing Plan – to get the word out and drum up the business.; My job is the marketing plan:; Marketing is many faceted. It covers branding & name recognition, marketing campaign creation and lead generation. Every industry expert has a perspective about what’s most important, but everyone agrees on one thing – a business must have a strong website.; A good website is vital, since all our marketing efforts point to it. A good website needs to have the right bells & whistles, look professional, read well, have a well-functioning shopping cart feature.; Many small businesses do it themselves; many others look to professionals to do it for them. For those business owners who are trying to decide what they want their site to look like and don’t know where to start – this site has a good go-to guide to help small businesses get their site up and running: