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I am a new parks and recreation director for the Village of Ruidoso, New Mexico.; We have a 20 acre land parcel that was donated to the city but no funds to build the cemetery so we are initiating an Endowment Fund for ongoing costs and perpetual care of the site.; A grant paid for the thinning of the trees and the city internally will be building the roads for the cemetery itself.; Our cemetery board at our last monthly meeting with them and the parks and recreation department had the following questions which I could not answer.; I joined the ICCFA for networking purposes because not having any resources or a cemetery sexton to oversee this component/division of my department is something that I have never faced. Thus, the need to reach out to cemetery professionals with this area of expertise to assist us in building this cemetery.; Below are these questions:; * The average size of a military headstone and footstone is (i.e. the height, width and depth dimensions)?; * The average size of a Traditional headstone is (i.e. the height, width and depth dimensions)?; * Does a traditional headstone have a concrete footing support system to it? If yes, what are these dimensions (i.e. the height, width and depth dimensions)?; * Does a traditional headstone require a concrete footing of some sort?; * What if a Traditional headstone is too cost prohibitive for a family to pay for on a burial… If yes, what are the dimensions for a Flat Marker (in place of a Tradtional headstone) in order to save costs? What are the dimensions of a Flat Marker (ex: the height, width and depth dimensions)?; * What is the materials that a traditional headstone is made out of (ex: marble, granite, alabaster, etc.) and what is the most expensive type to least expensive type of these materials?; Please respond to my E-Mail Address at:; Thanks for your help.; Walt Bratton, CPRP, Director of Parks and Recreation; Village of Ruidoso – New Mexico