GREEN BAY – Because of the Super Bowl win, fans are considering taking their Packers pride to the grave. And with the help of a local cemetery, they can do that.
Fort Howard Memorial Park is offering a unique opportunity for fans.
There are a number of symbols people can chose from to put on their final resting place. But inside the mausoleum at Fort Howard Memorial Park, you can take it to the next level, if you’re a football fan, or more precisely…a Packers Fan.
“The idea behind it was having something that was unique to the Wisconsin area,” said Family Service Sales Counselor, Jamie Gorr.
For 6 years, a bronze engraved wall has been dedicated to football. But it primarily symbolizes the Packers, with cheesehead fans and a picture of a stadium similar to Lambeau.; Here you can buy a bronze space, and have your cremated remains placed in one.; “It’s another way to tell your life story,” Gorr explained. “So if you’ve lived in Green Bay all your life or if you are an avid football fan of any kind, this is a great way to be able to personalize your final resting place.”
So far, only one person has chosen to do so, but since Sunday, others have shown interest.
“After the big Super Bowl win, which everyone was very excited about, we certainly had a few people stop in and call and ask about the football fan wall,” Gorr said.
But is this taking the team spirit too far? UWGB Psychology Professor Ryan Martin understands how attached people can become to professional football teams.
“The history of this franchise, the community owned factor, I think all of those things probably lend itself to the increase in fan appreciation,” explained Martin.
But he is surprised some fans do take it another step further.; “I would assume it is pretty uncommon for some to take things that far,” Martin said. “I have a hard time, sometimes, knowing at what point sports enthusiasm has gone too far.”
But whatever your beliefs, those at Fort Howard Memorial Park feel it’s appropriate. And if this one fills up, another unique wall may be built.; There are currently 31 spaces left. Officials say they cost between $3,200 to $5,000 a piece. However, since the Packers scored 31 points in the Super Bowl, they’re offering 31% off this month.