I have been annoyed for years concerning the people who rant and rave about the cost of funerals. I call the ranting and ravings “myths” and on this blog I would like to offer some practical realities concerning an analysis of funeral costs. It is not necessary to cover the exaggerations of the anti-funeral people – their war cry is always the same and I suspect their verbosity will have no end.; This blog is going to be short. The readers are thinking privately and possibly out loud “Thank God Above, Glory Halleluiah, this time Todd will be short – it is a miracle.” I totally understand; you ought to try living with me day to day.; Here are the myths:; MYTH NUMBER 1 “Funerals are too expensive!”; Here are the facts:; MYTH NUMBER 2 “A funeral is the third greatest expense in life after buying a house or car.”; Here are the facts:; MYTH NUMBER 3 “Funerals are just too expensive – period.”; Here are the facts:; MYTH NUMBER 4 “If we keep burying people at this rate the entire United States will become a cemetery.”; Here are the facts:; MYTH number 5 “Wow, caskets are really expensive.”; Here are the facts:; There you have it – funeral demythologization in a nut shell.; So next time you are at a cocktail party and some obnoxious funeral service self-appointed reformer starts that ancient babbling and ramblings of the Jessica Mitfords of the world (and remember my friends they are still out there) just pull up some of this stuff and you will stop the funeral director reformer, the funeral director wannabes in their tracks. Also it feels good to share this stuff.; Anyway that’s one old undertaker’s opinion. TVB