Tom Routsong was born to ride a motorcyle with that plate on the back.; Tonight’s pre-event reception for early attendees of the Ohio Funeral Directors Association 129th Convention was held at the magnificent A.D. Farrow Harley-Davidson dealership outside Columbus, Ohio (and generously hosted by A.D. Farrow, the oldest continually operating Harley dealership in the world). And even though Tom rides a Honda, he was definitely among the cooler folks in attendance because the vast majority of the rest of us travel strictly in vehicles with windows.; Linda and I got to meet a bunch of the OFDA leadership and staff, along with many other great folks from all around Ohio.; President-elect and Program Chair Tom Fleming is an avid Harley fan – thus the Convention theme “Life is short .. Enjoy the ride!” – and while I likely will continue to require those two extra wheels for personal transportation needs, I have to thank Tom for the opportunity to hang out around dozens of spectacular machines.; The evening actually began with a trip to the American Motorcycle Association Motorcycle Hall of Fame Museum.; Photo above is OFDA Treasurer Terry Reardon, President-elect Tom Fleming, and an Arlen Ness cycle that costs more than your average college education.; Steve Jenkins and Linda Budzinski in front of another Ness creation: Two Bad, the Most Impractical Motorcycle Ever. Another look here. But what do I know, I’m a seat-belt guy.; Definitely a rousing start to Convention week! Looking forward to the kick off tomorrow and hanging out at the ICCFA booth and spending time with the whole Ohio crowd over the next few days.