Funeria founder Maureen Lomasney’s funerary art gallery was featured recently on CNN’s Small Business Success report. The brief report includes close-ups of many of the urns in her Sonoma County, California, gallery, including “whimsical” ones such as a vacuum cleaner that projects a home movie and a bubble-gum machine, as well as ones that appear to be either pop or fine art.; It can be viewed by pasting this address in your browser:;; Funeria won an ICCFA Keeping It Personal (KIP) Award in 2005 for a silver scattering vesselis created from a casting made of an individual’s hands cupped around the scattering vessel. The company will be introducing new works at the ICCFA’s 2009 Convention & Expo in Las Vegas, April 20-23, at The Natural Burial Company’s booth.