Hello from the Great White North. In a scene reminiscent of the December snow storm I blogged about, there’s a very heavy snow falling and already about 4 inches on the ground. I live in what our local meteorogists call “The Convergence Zone” which means whatever’s going on outside, at least weather-wise, is compounded in this little slice of heaven.; What’s so fun about living in one of these meteorological anomalies is you can call in to work because you’re stuck in the snow while only a couple of miles away the roads are bare and wet. This means all your non-convergent co-workers still have to go to work.; What will make it even MORE fun is our temperature, both inside and outside The Zone, is supposed to drop to the ‘teens tonight. That will result in large frozen ruts on the roads. The kind where you just get your car’s wheels into them, put it into gear, hit the gas, and let the road do the driving. That seems to be the modus operandi of a lot of the drivers around here. A lot of those road-ruts lead directly into ditches.; I’m supposed to go to a condo-association board meeting tonight where we’re finalizing a very large special assessment to the owners but it may be postponed. We went through a multi-year lawsuit, settlement and re-construction project here in our 130 unit neighborhood, but fell short by about $1.2 million. This results in considerable anger or fear (or both) on the part of a many of the owners. With real estate values plummeting like a lead balloon, the option to re-finance is not in the cards for a lot of us. We, the board, get to present all this happy news to the homeowners’ association as soon as we finalize a loan so that those of us who don’t have large cash reserves on hand can make payments over time. Unfortunately it’ll be at a high interest rate which won’t be deductible by the individuals because it’s the Assocation taking out the loan. Thus, we will probably be issued flak jackets to wear to the big meeting. For the last couple of years we were a three-member board, two of whom did several lions’ shares of the work (present company excluded). We recently picked up four new board members as a result of our having to canvass for signatures to approve the loan. We also picked up a lot of verbal abuse, but it was worth it to get the new board members. After this I’m going off the board. Enough, already.; In the time it’s taken me to type this the snowfall has almost ended. It’s only 32 degrees at about 2 p.m. so it’s downhill from here. I realize that to a lot of you that sounds balmy, but we’re a different breed here. Google Seattle snowstorm December 2008 to see what I mean.; In other news, I took my sub-standard Poodle Beaujolais in for her periodic shearing on Saturday. I don’t go in for the fancy balls of fur (in the case of Poodles, it actually IS hair, becaue they have no under-coat, and the hair they have keeps on growing just like ours, or sheeps’) on the ankles and posterior etc. Just a fluffy cheerleader’s pompom tail and enough of a head-pouf so you know she’s a poodle, and extra-long ears so she looks marginally like a girl. The rest of her looks like a spider – she’s all long, skinny dancer’s legs. When she does her three-foot vertical leaps of excitement you expect her to extrude a web.; More news as it breaks! I hope to see more of you blogging soon!