Well, now I know I’m officially getting old. Woke up Tuesday with a very sore big toe. Felt like a broken bone, or at the very least a major sprain, but I had absolutely zero memory of any accidents or pratfalls (took a real bone-cracking pratfall during Christmas, though!). Thought maybe my foot got tangled in the heavy bedclothes on my sister’s guestroom bed, where I sleep every Monday night so I can get the kids off to school Tuesday while she and her husband attend an early morning meeting. Anyway. As the week has gone on, it’s gotten more and more painful and swollen. Finally saw a doctor today, figuring on x-rays and casts and so on. Turns out it is GOUT! Ack. You get gout from too much shellfish (which I haven’t had in months), too much beer (I prefer vodka), a few other things I don’t ingest. So now they are giving me massive doses of steroids and, thank god, Vicodin. Meanwhile I’m hobbling around like House, only without the cane to prop me up. I feel like some crippled old lady. Oh well, I may be getting older but I refuse to grow up.