The image you should have for the process of developing this Web site is of a magnificent leviathan of an object coming gradually into view, and NOT a man standing at a leaking dike with 22 holes too far apart for his fingers and toes to reach.; Good news: syndication is now working! You can subscribe to much of the content here by clicking on one of the little orange icons. The News Page, Blog Corner, individual Blogs and the Forums all have separate feeds, and there is also a side-wide feed that assembles a motley assortment of content (think I need to configure that to make it useful). Now that I know how it works I will probably configure some custom feeds in the future, and we still need to make feeds work for comments so someone can subscribe to a single discussion thread. And when I get a chance I will write up some documentation for anyone who does not know what to do with a “feed.” But those are projects for another day because …; Bad news: e-mail is still broken! This has nothing to do with the Web site but is a result of moving our e-mail hosting from to this server – something we had to do in order to allow the server to send e-mails to ICCFA addresses. Which is sort of important.; The hosting company is working on it, however it has dragged out because they wanted to allow time for the DNS record for our mail (MX record) to “propagate.” So we lost about 12 hours of any work getting done, and any e-mail being sent to us going instead to the equivalent of “Santa Claus, North Pole.”; Last time we went though a major e-mail change was about seven years ago and it was inconvenient while the MX record was in limbo. Today, it is more like catastrophic. It would be much less of a problem to have our phones go down for two days than it is to lose e-mail – about the opposite of the situation seven years ago.