Argh! My newsletter is going out late again!; As cemetery and funeral professionals, how do you deal with failure of vendors to deliver when you need them to?; As the executive director of the Washington Cemetery & Funeral Association, now entering my 20th year in that position,one of my duties is to publish 10xyear a newsletter for my members. I work hard to get them out on time. When I encounter a glitch I go nuts.; My current problem is the vendor from whom I lease my printer. I won’t name names here as the situation is ongoing. The issue is the vendor is failing to live up to its contract, i.e. to provide me with the supplies and service I need to produce all my printed materials. This leaves me with two options: go buy the supplies and pay for the service, which our association’s limited budget wasn’t prepared for, or be late with my newsletter.; I finally found a seller of the supplies I need with at least a price we can short-term afford but it’s still a real sock in the gut for our budget.; I feel it’s very important that I get mailings out to my members on time. I lose sleep over it when I don’t. I’m now waiting for the supplies I need to print my December newsletter and it’s January 5. This makes me see red. Probably my members don’t check their calendars every month and say, ah-HA, Judy’s newsletter is late again. But I don’t want to risk even one person’s displeasure (or ah-HA).; It’s different when it’s a family you are trying to serve and the casket or grave-marker or whatever doesn’t show up on time. How do you handle it? Internally and externally, I mean?; This probably should be a network topic, and probably it will be, but I just wanted to vent.; Thanks for listening! Commentary welcome.; Judy Faaberg, DP, CCP