The System University has scripts for almost every selling situation, so you know what to say every time. Click on each image below to learn more or to purchase.

The Pre-Need Presentation Script

Everything you need to say to make an effective pre-need presentation is contained in this script.

The Personal Planning Organizer Script

The PPO Script is designed specifically for our Personal Planning Organizer.

The Living Will Kit Script

Designed to be used with our Living Will Kit.

Script Cards for Online Classes

A companion offering to our online classes, these script cards contain almost every word you’ll need to effectively prospect for pre-need appointments.

The Essential 17 Script Cards

Easy-to-use question and answer flash cards for advance planning counselors and family service counselors to help them learn exactly what to say in certain selling situations.

Phone Scripts for Cemeteries and Funeral Homes

Designed to be used during telephone prospecting for organizations that are not using our custom CRM (which provides instant online access to scripts and the most common objections). Quick Scripts mimics this in printed form in a flip page format, allowing instant access to the scripts and most common objections. Click here for the scripts.


This daily planning tool is essential for counselors’ success. An accountability tool to teach counselors to record their most important metrics such as prospecting hours, appointments, presentations, the number of sales, and their volume.



A simple worksheet that facilitates the family’s decision to buy mausoleum. The worksheet allows the counselor to visually show the cost of cemetery products and services both for today and in the future and allows for a powerful comparison between the cost of earth burial and mausoleum entombment.