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Cascade Funeral Directors, Inc. is looking for a Full-time Administrator for our Call Center in Tualatin, OR. Cascade Funeral Directors, Inc. and its subsidiary companies provide a complete range of services to bereaved families in the Oregon and SW Washington regions. We specialize in understanding the needs of each individual and ensure that throughout the entire bereavement process our clients receive the care, service, and compassion needed to support them through their time of loss.

This individual will play an especially important role in our company, often being the first point of contact for bereaved individuals and families. Applicants must be professional, respectful and discreet, and be comfortable communicating effectively with people who have just lost a loved one.

We are offering a $800 sign-on bonus for this position!

Overview & Responsibilities:

  • Operate multi-line phone system on behalf of several subsidiary Cascade Funeral Directors, Inc. companies
  • Taking clear, concise and accurate notes from callers over the phone
  • Provide a confident, calm, and compassionate presence to clients over the phone
  • Quickly and accurately dispatch mobile teams to pick up decedents or pets from the place of death
  • Scheduling home euthanasia for one of our companies.
  • Data entry of decedent information into our database
  • Scanning and filing office documents and records
  • Other office duties as needed
  • Light office cleaning

Requirements & Qualifications:

  • Strong phone presence, professional, articulate and compassionate
  • Strong computer skills, proficient in Microsoft Office
  • Database experience is a plus
  • Strong writing and communication skills
  • Comfortable working around deceased people
  • Self-motivated
  • Attention to detail

Primary Duties:

1) – Answering Phones

This consists mainly of taking and dispatching calls to transport team, scheduling at-need or pre-need appointments, price quoting cremation and non-complex burials, taking messages or relaying info to funeral directors, and checking in DB to see if DCs or remains have been delivered back to location.

Call Center is to pass along a message to the funeral home if the caller is not listed in the DB as a family/friend contact, pricing is complex such as most burials and ship-outs and if family is requesting to know if/when cremation occurs. They are not to schedule viewings, witnesses or any sort of services or deliveries.

2) – OVERS Entries

Once Call Center receives an automated message from a location that vital records have been added to the DB for a decedent, they are to go into OVERS and complete the record. They are to then email the location back to let them know that the record has been completed and make notes regarding any discrepancies or items that need clarification.

3) – Cremation Permits

When a location faxes over cremation paperwork for CCC, the Call Center (in collaboration with CVR) is responsible for pulling the paperwork off the fax, reviewing it for completeness and verifying that a doctor has agreed to sign to DC. A permit is then created and attached to the back of the other paperwork, then given to CCC for cremation.

Call Center also pulls other paperwork off the fax such as Decedent Care Instructions and DC proofs and distributes to proper place/department.

4) – Other Paperwork

In their downtime, Call Center also has other paperwork that needs to be completed semi-routinely. This includes mailing cremation permits out to various counties and filing away cremation paperwork in binders that will eventually be scanned into our permanent records.

5) – Scanning (Nights Only)

Finally, the Call Center working overnight is responsible for scanning documents (files and binders of completed cremation paperwork) into our Document Locator system. Besides answering phones, this is the primary duty of Call Center staff working at night.

Order of Importance/Expectations:

Day Shift: 4×10’s shift, Thursday-Sunday, 10am-8pm

Answering Phones is always the foremost responsibility of the Call Center. Of the calls taken, Transport Requests need to take precedence over everything else. Even if you have several other messages that need to be relayed to directors, stop and dispatch the transport first. All calls should be dispatched within 15 minutes AT MOST! If you have multiple transports to dispatch, house calls and those where an ME or officer is on scene should be dispatched first. Next in line would be any other situation where a family is present, such as at a nursing facility or adult care home. If no family is present, the call still needs to be dispatched in a timely manner but is not as urgent as the aforementioned calls. Finally, any place that has a freezer, such as a hospital or the ME’s office, should take the least precedence. There will be times when a hospital requests that pick-up be immediate or within a given time frame due to extenuating circumstances (such as a full freezer), but as a whole, these calls are not as high priority.

Completing Cremation Permits that come off the fax machine should be the next priority if a crematory operator is still here. CCC is constantly re-prioritizing due to the paperwork that we supply to them, and they rely on us to keep their machines running.

Entering OVERS is also important because the death certificate process cannot start until the decedent is entered into the OVERS system. Call Center should be entering vital statistics into the OVERS system as soon as possible once all transports, messages and cremation permits have been completed.

Other Paperwork should be done if nothing else is going on in the Call Center. There will be days when the phones and OVERS entries prevent the Call Center from getting to the other miscellaneous tasks, but these tasks need to be done consistently during downtime to keep paperwork from backing up.

Night Shift: 3×12’s and 1×4 shift, Wednesday 4pm-8pm and Thursday-Saturday, 8pm-8am

Answering Phones – see above

Scanning Documents – Every night, the night Call Center staff should be scanning or doing some sort of scanning preparation in order to keep paperwork consistently flowing. On nights with fewer calls, the Call Center is expected to produce more work than those that are filled with messages and transport requests.

Team Member Benefits Include:

  • Entry-level and experienced professionals; students and veterans – we offer complete career paths regardless of your career and life stage
  • Unique ShareLife® technology lets you create one-of-a-kind life celebrations for the families you serve
  • Competitive salaries and performance incentives
  • Team member referral bonus program
  • Medical, dental, prescription and vision insurance
  • Vacation, sick and holiday pay
  • 401k with company match
  • Company-paid life insurance, long-term disability, and short-term disability

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