It is an exciting time for the ICCFA Next Generation! We have a great opportunity right now for current leaders to engage and develop future leadership for ICCFA.


The goal of the Next Generation committee is to engage future leaders and progressive thinkers in the ICCFA, but we understand it can be difficult to juggle time and attendance. Not to worry—demands and duties vary and we can accommodate you! The simple and easiest way is participation and networking. We continue to identify ways to make it simple for fresh faces and outside-the-box minds to get involved in ICCFA.


Get involved as a Participant


When possible, attend Next Gen networking events! Networking at ICCFA events is a valuable resource and opportunity to learn. ICCFA University is a great opportunity to engage your up-and-comers. Plus, all proceeds go towards Next Generation Scholarship.


Join the ICCFA Next Generation Group on Facebook. This is a very easy way to get involved and an opportunity to network outside of ICCFA events to continue the relationship. This is a valuable resource to share ideas, ask questions, and educate/career development.


Attend Next Generation breakout sessions at the Annual Convention. Look for it on the schedule! The sessions have focused on generational differences in the workplace and succession planning (aka developing your future and leaving a legacy).


Apply for a Next Generation Scholarship. Attending ICCFAU will inspire a fresh mind and provide a network to share ideas.


Wear a Next Generation button (usually found at the ICCFAU table at the Annual Convention). Make it known that you want to get involved.


We need people to get involved and to develop so we can encourage future leadership and continue to grow membership! Everyone is welcome to participate in the committee, and we have identified about 10 people to coordinate the activities and fundraise. The initial step is getting involved and then to grow within the committee.


Get involved as a Leader


Even leaders can get involved to encourage the group. Here are some ways for current profession leaders to get involved:


Donate. Company and personal donations are more than welcomed at any level. If you can donate at least $25, it will help send someone to the ICCFAU. Donate now, and be sure to check the Next Generation box.


If you think you have a possible candidate for the Next Generation Scholarship, encourage them to apply. The scholarship is for aspiring and progressive professionals in our industry to attend the ICCFAU.


Join the committee. If you or someone you know would be a good member of the committee, let Katherine Devins know, so staff or the chairperson(s) can reach out. As time goes on, the opportunities to get involved continue to expand.


Ideas are always welcome. Email Katherine Devins if you have suggestions. We want to offer more opportunities for participation and are still growing.


Bring your up-and-comers to ICCFA events.


Participate yourself. Attend the networking events and break-out sessions. Engage in the Facebook group yourself. Your leadership will help mentor the up-and-comers.


With your support, the Next Generation Committee will encourage and develop the next generation of leaders for the ICCFA and our industry.

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