First Place

Pet Pilgrimage Crematory and Memorials: Honoring Mooresville Police K9 Division • Mooresville, North Carolina

For their 8th Annual Pet Life Celebration, Pet Pilgrimage Crematory and Memorials honored Mooresville Police Department, their local police department and K9 Division. Every year, the police department participates in Pet Pilgrimage’s Pet Life Celebration by bringing their K9 partners for the community to get to know. Pet Pilgrimage honored the retired K9s by engraving dog bowls and brought toys for them to play with during their retirement. Also, Pet Pilgrimage played a montage video of the K9s that were lost in the past year. Pet Pilgrimage ended with a presentation of a canvas portrait for each, and all the proceeds from this event were donated to a local charity called Save the Clefts Rescue, a group of volunteers that save and tube feed cleft palate/cleft lip puppies.

Honorable Mention

Heart’s Companion Pet Memorial Center: U.S. Marine Corp Canine Asur’s Story • Reno, Nevada


First Place

Clock Timeless Pets: “helping a community heal” • Muskegon, Michigan

After a fire had broken out at Storms Ahead Kennel, a privately owned and operated training, breeding, and boarding facility located in Nunica, Michigan, Jodi Clock, owner of Clock Funeral Home/Clock Timeless Pets, reached out to the owners to work with them to create and implement a disaster recovery plan. The fire had left dozens of dogs trapped and unable to be rescued. There were four phases to “Helping a Community Heal.” In phase one, Jodi Clock helped the kennel on the recovery and identification of each dog. In phase two, assistance from industry professionals, local colleagues and businesses, were conducted for a community memorial service. In phase three, the memorial service was planned, including each of the animals’ families were given a framed picture of their pet and a package of their remains, with a certificate of passing, rainbow bridge poem and any personal items such as an ID tag. In the fourth and final phase, the memorial service was on April 12 at Clock Funeral Home. Over 100 people attended, including the families impacted, media stations, therapy dogs and grief counselors. There was a reception afterward, that included food and fellowship with therapy dogs and any grief assistance the families may need.

Honorable Mention

rolling acres memorial gardens for pets: Memorial Service for buddy • Kansas City, Missouri



First Place

Clock Timeless Pets: “A Hero’s Final Farewell” • Muskegon, Michigan

Clock Timeless Pets donated their time and service to honor Cena, a 10-year-old, three tour Marine black lab that developed a fatal form of bone cancer. During Cena’s final ride in a jeep to the USS LST 393, one of only two landing ships in original configuration since their construction for the U.S. during World War II, hundreds of community members, veterans and other service dogs were there to honor Cena. Weeks later, Cena was buried at the Michigan War Dog Memorial in South Lyons, Michigan. Three set of paw and digital prints, and fur clippings were taken and given to Cena’s handlers, with one set on display on the LST 393.

Honorable Mention

Timberland Urns: chad’s Labrador Retriever Photo Urn • Eagan, Minnesota



First Place

Memorial Pet Services, Inc.: K-9 Officer Hardy’s Memorial • Middleton, Wisconsin

When Hardy, the first K-9 officer of the Janesville Police Department suddenly passed away, Memorial Pet Services, Inc. created an unforgettable service for Hardy. A motorcade from the Janesville Police Department was joined by fellow officers, firefighters, emergency crews and the fellow community members as they made their way to Memorial Pet Services, Inc. There, a private viewing room was available to remember Hardy. The American flag that draped over Hardy’s casket was given to Hardy’s partner, Officer Mahaffey. A quilt was presented by Memorial Pet Services, Inc. to Officer Mahaffey of his K-9 partner’s picture and name. In addition, clay paw prints were made and given to the department. Each of the Mahaffey children received a clay paw print as well to have as keepsakes.

Honorable Mention

Paws To Angels Pet Loss Center & Services: Remembering Gracie • Omaha, Nebraska

Paws To Angels held a memorial for the family of Gracie, a small Papillon who was attacked by coyotes. The pet loss center was able to put Gracie in a casket for viewing before being cremated. The staff helped the family pick out an urn and an inscription to put on the urn that best represented Gracie’s life and personality. Paws To Angels staff member Cherie created a shadow box as a gift for the family.  The box held Gracie’s collar, paw and nose print, and a lock of fur from her tail. The family, along with their other dog, Chi Chi, were able to say their goodbyes to Gracie.


First Place

Beyond the Rainbow Pet Hospice & Memorial Center: Honoring the Life and Service of Pepper • Fort Worth, Texas

When K-9 Officer Pepper of the Wise County Sheriff’s Department was shot and killed in the line of duty, Kate Branson of Beyond the Rainbow contacted the Sheriff’s Office to offer a line-of-duty funeral for the dog. Kate and Terry Branson worked closely with the department to provide a service that was just like services provided for human officers killed in the line of duty. An honor guard transported the remains of Pepper in a custom urn to the church service. More then 50 K-9 units joined the 800 fellow officers and friends from all over the United States to pay their respects to Pepper.


First Place

Until We Meet Again Pet Memorial Center: Celebration of Remembrance for Mia, Buddy, Oscar, Teemo, Salty and Molly • North Vancouver, BC

Kevin Woronchak, owner of Until We Meet Again Pet Memorial Centers, brought into focus the important role pets play in our families and the importance of keeping them safe. “A Day to Heel” became an official day of remembrance after holding a celebration of remembrance for six pets that perished of heat stroke in May of 2014. This memorial service included raising of individual tribute blankets, a balloon release by families in memory of their companions and the dedication of a bench, bearing the names of the dogs. The event then created an opportunity to bring awareness of heat stroke prevention to the community.


First Place

Until We Meet Again Pet Memorial Center: The Whistler Sled Dogs North • Vancouver, BC

The community of Vancouver was outraged when 100 sled dogs were brutally killed and dumped in a mass grave in Whistler. The Vancouver SPCA and Until We Meet Again teamed up to give these dogs the care and final resting place they so deserved. Until We Meet again arranged for one private cremation. Once cremated each dog was placed in black velvet bags embroidered with “Until We Meet Again…At the Rainbow Bridge” and buried together. Until We Meet Again also donated the headstone to mark their final resting place, which was inscribed with “We Will Never Forget…Run Free.”


First Place and Grand Prize Winner

Loyal and True Pet Cremation Services by Loose Funeral Homes • Anderson, IN

In a matter of three short weeks, Madison County, Indiana, lost two K-9 officers in the line of duty. First, officer Kilo was shot by a psychopath who also shot and killed one innocent bystander and wounded officer Kilo’s handler. Despite being shot himself, officer Kilo was still guarding his injured handler, so fiercely in fact that his handler had to order his fellow officers to put Kilo down so the emergency team could tend to the handler’s wounds. Then, within three weeks, K-9 officer Magnum was fatally shot while trying to apprehend a bank robber who fled into nearby woods.

The two families of the K-9 officers, the entire police department and the whole community were grieving and needed to pay tribute to their two fallen K-9 heroes. Loyal and True Pet Cremation Services had the honor of serving both families with cremation needs, but also saw a greater need to help the families, local police departments and the community at large. With the help of the police department, Loyal and True Pet Cremation Services arranged a beautiful service at a large local church.

The service started at the church where over 500 people attended and over 75 fellow K-9 officers and handlers took place in the service. Then there was a procession from the church to the downtown police headquarters where two symbolic caskets were placed on top of an old, refurbished fire truck, which then guided the procession through the local college where students lined the boulevard in honor of the fallen heroes and finally turned onto Main Street where the street was lined with other K-9 officers and their handlers. Once in front of police headquarters, the committal service began by the lowering of the two symbolic caskets, folding the flags that had draped the caskets, the playing of Taps, the reciting of the Last Roll Call and finally a helicopter flyover.

The Gardens at Willowcrest Park is the only cemetery in Indiana that can legally bury humans and pets together, and there will now be a special section that will feature a K-9 memorial. The memorial will feature a fallen hero poem, the names of K-9 officers fallen in the line of duty or who have died in retirement and will be topped with a solid bronze German Shepherd.

The service was highly covered by all the local media and several national news teams. The services will be featured on the National Geographic series “Alphadog” airing in February. Additionally, the service was professionally taped and copies have been given to other police departments to help establish a protocol for future K-9 memorials.


First Place

Beyond the Rainbow Pet Hospice and Memorial Center • Fort Worth, Texas

Beyond the Rainbow has fostered a relationship with a 9-year-old girl named Olivia. She lost her father when she was three–too young to fully grasp the concept of death. As she is growing older, Olivia has come to appreciate the grief process. Her favorite pets are gerbils and, which do not have a long life expectancy. Olivia has been saddened by the loss of her furry friends, but she has learned to memorialize her pets in a series of wooden cremain urns and a scrapbook with photos of each of them. In the letter accompanying this entry, Olivia’s mother praised Beyond the Rainbow for helping her daughter in a therapeutic way through the grief process: “If we had not found Beyond the Rainbow, I don’t think Olivia would have been able to allow more babies into her heart.”


First Place

Two Hearts Pet Loss Center • Greenwood, Indiana

Cherokee was a beloved St. Bernard and played the roles of daughter and big sister in her family. When she passed away, Coleen Ellis with Two Hearts helped the family express their gratitude for the time they had Cherokee in their lives, holding a home-based memorial service that allowed the family to share just how much Cherokee enriched their lives. Reception items included all the favorite “human food” Cherokee liked to eat. Two Hearts also helped the family’s son set up a drive in honor of Cherokee for items that were needed at the local Humane Society animal shelter. Two trucks were needed to deliver all the donated items to the shelter.

Honorable Mention

My Bob Rocks • Roseburg, Oregon

My Bob Rocks fuses ashes into smooth, jewel-colored glass discs designed to be shared among family and friends. While the company primarily works with human remains, this past year they were asked by pet owners to expand their market. When a family lost their beloved Rhodesian Ridgeback named Tess, the Oregon-based business was able to make “Tessrocks” with the ash in a paw print pattern, cradled in red-brown glass to match her beautiful coat. Pet memorials now account for 20 percent of the company’s business.