Comply With Government Rules & Regulations


ICCFA Provide Services To Make Sure You Comply With Government Rules & Regulations


GPL Compliance Check Offered to Members


Effective immediately, members whose businesses must comply with the FTC Funeral Rule’s General Price List (GPL) requirements can have their lists reviewed by attorney Poul H. Lemasters, Esq., without charge. The ICCFA has retained the services of Mr. Lemasters, who is an attorney and a licensed funeral director, to provide telephone consultation on cremated-related legal issues. Now this service has been expanded to include GPL reviews. You may contact Lemasters toll-free at 513.407.8114.


Free Telephone Consultations on Cremation Issues


Through exclusive retainer agreements, ICCFA members can access telephone legal consultations regarding cremation questions through attorney and funeral director Poul Lemasters at 513.407.8114.


HR Law Benefit


Attorney Michael Pepperman of the Labor Relations and Employment Law department at Obermayer Rebmann Maxwell & Hippel LLP, is available to address questions on topics ranging from hiring and firing, to employee privacy and workplace violence, to wages and hours, to equal employment opportunity and wrongful discharge issues. Michael Pepperman, Esq., has spoken on labor and employment issues at several ICCFA conferences and regional industry meetings. To take advantage of this benefit, please call 215.665.3032.


Tax-Related Questions


ICCFA members now also have access to an attorney for tax-related questions regarding trust earnings, care fund allocations, capital gains, investments and more. The ICCFA has retained Leslie Schneider, CPA, a tax attorney with Ivins, Phillips & Barker in Washington, DC, for telephone consultations for up to 20 minutes with no obligation. To take advantage of this member benefit, call Schneider at 202.393.7600.