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New series of ICCFA webinars coming soon!

Mark your calendars for a brand new series of monthly ICCFA webinars that begin on January 20, 2022! In the series, leaders in the deathcare profession will share their expertise to inspire and help you succeed as a deathcare professional. In each webinar, participants are provided the opportunity to engage in live learning experiences through an easy-to-use digital platform, and have their online questions answered in convenient, one-hour sessions. The live webinars are free and open to everyone, but the webinar recordings will be available only to ICCFA members. More information on this series is coming soon.

The Power of Choice – Choosing to be a Leader of Influence

Robbie Pape, AVP Operations Support, Service Corporation International

Robbie Pape, AVP Operations Support, Service Corporation International

January 20, 2022

Robbie Pape will explain that the greatest gift we have even been given is the power of choice. When we have awareness of all of the choices we are making every day – consciously and subconsciously, we have the potential to change the way we live the rest of our lives.  She will discuss ways to be powerful in our choices while being outcome-focused and benefit-driven.  She will discuss the power of choosing to be positive and the importance of choosing to accept personal responsibility in our lives instead of choosing to play the victim.  Robbie says the key to being a leader of influence and creating the life and the career we desire is simply to Choose It!