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Services and Recomposition Manager (Seattle, WA)


Death – though heart-wrenching – can be beautiful. Its rituals can be meaningful, and disposition of the body can be gentle and natural.

Recompose is an ecological death care company based in Seattle, Washington. When we open in late 2020, Recompose will be the first organization in the world to offer the service of natural organic reduction (also known as recomposition), where human bodies are converted into soil. We are building the Recompose model to be an alternative to the existing funeral industry, offering an authentic, participatory experience for families and a natural return to the earth for the dead.

Recompose is seeking a licensed funeral director to be our Services and Recomposition Manager.  This person will be an empathetic main contact with our clients and to help create the Recompose experience. Responsibilities will include managing the transportation, storage, and care of each body that comes to Recompose, as well as filing death certificates and other licensed funeral director duties. The Services and Recomposition Manager will also facilitate opportunities for ritual and ceremony, including online/virtual ceremonies, home funerals, and ceremonies in nontraditional or outdoor environments.

The Services and Recomposition Manager role is the first of its kind, an opportunity to help transform the industry and create deep ecological change. The Services and Recomposition Manager should be passionate about creating a radical new death care paradigm and passionate about helping to heal the environment through this work.

For more details and to apply, please visit Recompose here: