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Licensed Preneed Funeral Director (MD,MA,NJ,NC,SC,VA)

As a Licensed Preneed Funeral Director, you will be connected with one of Precoa’s nationally partnered funeral homes, representing them through preneed funeral sales.

As you quickly learn the unique Precoa business model, you will serve your community by meeting with families to discuss prearranging and prefunding funeral service through a preneed policy ensuring every family has an intentional plan to begin healing at the time of a loss.

About the company:

Precoa, a national sales and marketing company in the preneed insurance industry, offers comprehensive training and sales support so that you can be more effective and successful. We are the nation’s leading provider of an innovative marketing, lead generation, and appointment setting system called ProActive Preneed®. We’re rapidly growing and expanding to every corner of the country.

Current career opportunities locations:

Lanham, MD
Lowell, MA
Palmer, MA
Sewell, NJ
Asheville, NC
Wilmington, NC
Charleston, SC
Columbia, SC
Falls Church, VA
King George, VA


  • Sales acumen
  • Strong relationship development and communication skills
  • Tremendous work ethic and competitive mindset
  • Ability to obtain an insurance license
  • Active Funeral Director License


  • Execute successful sales strategies
  • Generate leads, prospect, and deliver sales presentations
  • Build and maintain meaningful relationships on both a business and consumer level

Interested persons please contact Rachel Feher, Corporate Recruiter (503) 214-1270





    The System University: a complete, online pre-need sales training program, offered exclusively by ICCFA.