Set Your Sights On An Exceptional Sales Career

Since we launched our company in 2021, Anthem Partners has grown to more than 75 funeral home and cemetery operations in five U.S. states and two Canadian provinces. We have become the company of choice for death-care professionals as they seek to maximize their professional and financial opportunities.

We have immediate openings and are currently filling key cemetery sales positions. The successful candidate will have strong planning, organizational, and time management skills, as well as previous management experience.

At Anthem Partners, you can excel and earn at your true potential when you lead a successful and accomplished sales team. You will be responsible for developing, guiding, and implementing sales strategies supporting Anthem’s overall mission and business strategy.

Why Join Anthem Partners:

1) An Accomplished Executive Sales Leadership Team

2) A Best-in-class Sales and Marketing Program

3) A Generous Compensation Package

4) A Competitive Benefits Portfolio

5) A Winning Culture Where Talent, Skill, and Integrity Are Appreciated

Enjoy the advantages of working with a growing and winning team. If you have a solid sales track record, call or email our captain, Kevin Krizak, today at or 253-720-4821.

Anthem Partners is the premier funeral home and cemetery company, so only the best should apply.