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Predeveloped Interment Spaces

Cemetery authorities offering predeveloped interment spaces for sale to the public should provide assurances that the future development and completion of the contracted- for interment spaces will occur.

Written Price Disclosures Prior To Purchasing

When consumers consider contracting for cemetery and funeral merchandise or services, whether on a preneed or an at-need basis, important information that may influence purchasing decisions should be available. Chief among this data are truthful and accurate prices given in written form prior to a purchasing decision being made.

Memorial Sales And Installation

Each cemetery authority is confronted with the legal obligation of maintaining and protecting interment spaces and the cemetery from damage by third parties in a manner that does not unreasonably restrain the exercise of free trade. As a result, it is generally recognized that a cemetery authority has the right to publish and enforce rules and regulations governing activities within the cemetery.

Reclamation of Interment Rights

Many older cemeteries have used their undeveloped acreage and are exhausting their inventory of unsold interment spaces. Yet large numbers of interment spaces which were sold in previous decades remain unused and apparently abandoned by the interment right owners.

Desecration of a Cemetery

No cemetery is immune from acts of vandalism and other forms of desecration. Although vandalism may be typically committed by youths as a form of hooliganism, more serious acts of desecration are committed by satanic cults who engage in ritualistic grave robbing or otherwise defile an interment space.