Seems like only yesterday I was posting from my snowbound condo about the absurd winter weather we were suffering through. Well, here we go again, on the opposite end of the thermometer. Yesterday when I arrived home at 3:30 the temperature was 107. Yes, 107 in Everett, Washington. Well over all previous records.; In these parts nobody has a/c built into their homes unless they are Bill Gates or one of his minions. So naturally there has been a major run on portable a/c units, fans of all sorts and, no doubt, extension cords. Last night I slept with three fans blowing at me from different angles, and it almost helped. The other thing we don’t do around here is leave ground-floor windows or doors open. There are far too many burglaries and assaults resulting, and especially we single ladies are strongly cautioned. So my three-fan system really was just pushing the warm air around all night. It doesn’t help that my dog Beaujolais prefers to snuggle up against me whenever she can catch me off-guard.; At the same time we’re setting heat records here, a friend in Minnesota tells me they are experiencing much lower temperatures than normal… have not yet hit 90 this summer.; These sorts of things kind of give some substance to the theory of climate change, no?; Pantingly yours,; Judy