iccfa.com e-mail is now working, thank goodness. For anyone who has sent a message since 1:00 am Tuesday, our apologies for the tardiness in replying. It appears no e-mails were lost, however it will take some time to send replies. Sorry for the inconvenience.; And for all you people who are google searching for a solution to your Plesk 9 e-mail problems, the following is my attempt to give back ….; Parallels Plesk 9 does not play nicely with qmail, so you need to switch to Postfix. When we changed our MX record to use the mail server on our Softlayer server, all incoming mail functionality stopped. We could download existing mail from the server in Outlook (using port 110) but no new mail was being received.; The fix was described thusly by Softlayer tech support:; “The qmail SMTP service was not running in the server due to Plesk upgrade. We have corrected this issue by changing the mail service to Postfix. Now SMTP and POP are working fine in the server.”; We are still not able to connect to the SMTP server from Outlook. Outlook can find the server on port 80, but we get a “the specified server was found but there was no response from the server” error when trying to send a test message. I will update this blog post when that solution is found.